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15 best headphones under 200 dollars in 2023




If you’re searching for the best headphones under 200 dollars then it indicates that your budget is limited.

You can still obtain a dependable pair of earphones even if your budget is tight.

I comprehend just how tough it is to discover excellent headphones when your spending plan is restricted however I assure you that these products are worth every penny!

These headphones provide outstanding audio quality so what extra could you ask from them?

The best way to move forward is to have a clear idea of what you need. A good pair of headphones is a must-have. But having a budget is a must as well.

In the end, you will find a pair that is great for your needs.

You can choose from a huge number of headphone brands, but not all of them can deliver premium sound quality.

This post looks at why you should choose headphones within this price range and the best headphones you can find within $200.

I’ve reviewed over 15 best headphones for under 200. In the end, I’ll tell you why you should go for Sony WHXB900 a pair of headphones that’s have come in the best headphones under $200 – and not any other headphone brand.




Are Headphones Under $200 Worth It?


You may not have the budget to spend 200 dollars on a pair of headphones, but you should know that it’s an investment.

You’ll get reliable quality for your money and any extra cash can go towards audio devices like amps or DACs which will make them sound even better!

Great Value: In this price range, you can expect headphones with excellent value. For under $200 there is one of the most popular models on today’s market.

For under $200, you will find one of the most popular headphones on the market. Some models are even that good they use them in professional studios- and they come at a price that won’t break your budget!

Sound Quality: You’re about to experience a whole new world of music, and it’s better than ever.

You’ll hear all the nuances in between instruments that were previously lost on your ears. As if this wasn’t enough reason alone for you to start investing in high-end audio gear?

Entry-level audiophile headphones provide an incredible listening experience without costing too much money – they might be just what we’ve been waiting for!

If you want to find out the quality of sound coming from your new headphones, take some time and listen. The following features can help with this:

1) Make sure they’re closed-back because open-back designs will leak more than normal cups when sitting on an airplane or train seat next door.

2) Check where air flows through them by checking their venting pattern (some have cutouts instead).

3). Pay attention not only at first but also later down the line in terms of durability since these joints work hard during use!



Active noise Cancellation:

Active noise cancelling headphones are a great way to get rid of distractions without having earphone in. You might be wondering if your set budget is enough for an excellent pair, and you’re right!

You can buy an excellent pair of ANC headphones for less than $200, and this budget should be enough to find a great product with extra features that you’ll enjoy using every day.

Battery Life: Some headphones may be able to last for up to 18 hours of continuous usage, but this depends largely on the battery life and quality.

ANC (active noise cancellation) technology requires more power than Bluetooth or an aux cable can provide; if your device runs out of juice before then, there will simply not be any way you can listen in passive mode anymore.

15 – 40 hours is the typical range of battery life on closed headphones, but some models can go up to 50 or even 75 hours.

Make sure you factor in how long it will take for your device to charge when buying one since fast charging options are also worth noting!

The average person should expect 2-4 hour playback time with just 5 -10 minutes from an outlet; however, this varies depending on what type and model they have purchased already as well as other factors such as weather conditions while using them etcetera so make sure don’t forget writing down info about those things too before making any final decisions



How you picked the best headphones under 200

After all, we’re only human and have unavoidable bias. We do quite a bit of research by perusing online forums, reading other reviews as well as conducting our own Twitter polls to counter this naturally occurring flaw in objectivity and get you the facts on what’s out there!

Our list of studio headphones is not just what one member likes, it’s an accurate representation of our entire staff.

We have drawn upon the collective experiences and opinions of everyone involved with this project – even those who are no longer working here!

This makes us confident in listing only high-quality options to suit any need or preference you may have when choosing your next audio partner



Who should buy the best headphones under 200 $?

If you’re looking for a great way to upgrade your current headphones without breaking the bank, look no further.

These top-of-the-line items are all guaranteed to not only sound amazing but also provide comfort and durability that will last any athlete through their rigorous workouts with ease!

You have to try these headphones! The best part is that they’re budget-friendly. You’ll be able to find the perfect match for your needs without breaking the bank with an expensive pair that may not offer what you want or need in a product like a soundstage, active noise canceling, etc.

I’m sure if there was anything else cool about them then I would notice – but it sounds like this variety represents one next step into finding out exactly how each product has features that benefit their user differently from a person.


Best headphones under 200: Reviews



1 Sony WHH900N Hear On 2 – best noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones under 200



  • Brand: Sony
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless, Wired
  • Model Name: Sony whh900n hear on 2
  • Form Factor: Over-Ear


The new Sony WHH900N Over ear Wireless Headphones with High-Resolution Audio and noise cancelling technology is the perfect combination of brilliant sound, design, and convenience.

Other features include – Over-ear wireless headphoneDigital Noise Cancelling.

The Sony WHH900N is designed to be the perfect complement for your smartphone. Listen all day, every day on a single charge.

Get high-resolution audio reproduction with an expansive sound stage and deep bass.

It has high-resolution audio compatibility which can play high resolution files up to 96kHz.

Also, it supports the aptX and apt HD codecs allowing you to stream high-quality audio wirelessly via Bluetooth with your supported device.

Style: Sony’s WH-H900N Bluetooth headphone are made of stainless steel, leather, aluminum, and fabric.

It has a curved headband that distributes the weight evenly across your entire head for fatigue-free listening.

Its ear cups rotate 90 degrees to fold flat for convenient storage in the included carrying case.

Sony WHH900N is a great choice for those who want to enjoy music with high resolution and noise cancellation.

It has a fine balance of sound and comfort so you can enjoy your favorite music all day long.

Pairing with the digital noise canceling function, this wired headphone delivers powerful sound performance while dramatically reducing ambient noise.

The ambient sound mode allows users to hear their surroundings while listening to music.

This over ear headphone also features LDAC and Bluetooth® 4.1 technology for high-quality audio streaming.



2 Monolith M565C – best over ear headphones under $200




  • Brand: Monolith
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Model Name: M565C
  • Form Factor: Over Ear


Monolith M565C is the first pair of planar magnetic headphones that sound great out of the box. No need to burn in for days on end.

The M565C is engineered to deliver a rich, vibrant and lifelike audio experience from the moment you put them on your head.

It’s a completely new headphone driver with a unique diaphragm design, unlike any other planar magnetic headphone driver in the world!

The Monolith 565C Planar Magnetic Headphones are a premium closed-back model with a unique style and a modern look.

They feature a newly designed headband made from high quality leather, specially developed ear pads for optimal comfort, and lightweight aluminum yokes that mold to the shape of your head for optimum fit.

The drivers used in the M565C headphones were engineered by Monolith professionals to produce amazing sound quality and clarity.

This planar driver is not your typical headphone driver and it works differently than a conventional dynamic driver.

In addition to the convenience of a closed back headphone, the M565c also features a new planar magnetic driver that is more efficient than its predecessor.




3 Audio Technica Headphones (ATH-M60X) – best bluetooth headphones under $200



  • Brand: Audio-Technica
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Model Name: ATH-M60X
  • Form Factor: On Ear


Audio-Technica ATH-M60x professional monitoring and DJ headphones are ideal for studio, broadcast, and mobile applications.

These closed-back, around-ear headphones feature large 45 mm drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils for extended frequency response. Ergonomic design includes padded earpieces that swivel 90° to rest flat on the shoulders when not in use.

The headphones’ adjustable padded headband allows a comfortable fit for all head sizes, while the single-sided cable reduces tangling.

The closed back headphones sign provides a high level of noise isolation for superior audio quality.

The self-adjusting 3D Wing Support mechanism provides outstanding comfort over extended periods of use.

Enjoy the enhanced comfort of ear cushions that are made out of memory foam, which offers top-notch respite for hours on end with anc headphones under 200.

Your eyes will also fall upon the sleek yet sturdy design of this headset that’s not just fashionable but offers value for its price.

If you’re a music enthusiast, you’re going to want a set of headphones that deliver a great sound experience.

Audio Technica m60x has a new line of headphones that have 45 mm Aperture drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils that guarantees a crispy and clear sound experience.





4 Audio-Technica BPHS1 – best headphones noise cancelling under 200



  • Brand: Audio-Technica
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired:
  • Model Name: BPHS1
  • Form Factor: Over Ear


The BPHS1 Broadcast Stereo Headset is a professional-grade, lightweight headset that has been specially designed for use in the demanding broadcast environment.

This is a very useful headset that can be used as either a single or dual-earpiece unit featuring a unique over-the-head configuration that not only offers outstanding sound quality but exceptional comfort as well.

The Audio Technica BPHS1 Broadcast Stereo Headset features a closed-back circumaural ear cup that helps seal out crowd noise and other background distractions.

It has a lightweight design, making it comfortable for extended wear while also providing excellent attenuation of ambient noise.

BPHS1 Broadcast Stereo Headset features a boom-mounted, unidirectional microphone that can be positioned on the left or right side.

The rugged design with user-replaceable cable and ear pads provides the long-lasting durability and comfort required for extended use in the broadcast booth.

The headset’s adjustable headband lets you find the perfect fit while its flexible ear cup swivel allows you to position the microphone boom exactly where you need it.

The BPHS1 provides high isolation to attenuate external noise for your best listening experience, with low leakage to keep you aware of your surroundings.

The closed-back BPHS1 features a high-frequency emphasis that’s perfect for high-gain recording situations such as live concert venues, sports arenas, or other places where there is a lot of ambient noise.

It offers a broad frequency response range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz with an attenuation of 26 dB at 1 kHz.




5 Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Studio Headphones – best headphones over ear under 200



  • Brand: Beyerdynamic
  • Ear Placement: Over Ear
  • Color: Gray
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Model Name: DT 990 PRO

Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Studio Headphones is a high-end pair of open-over ear headphones for professional mixing, mastering, and editing.

It is used as studio monitoring headphones for almost all applications, e.g. in studios, post-production houses, and broadcasting stations Featuring high-quality materials and precise, robust construction, maximum wearing comfort, and impressive sound guarantee a highly enjoyable listening experience that inspires you every day.

The DT 990 PRO has a closed, supra-aural design that is lightweight and comfortable. As well as being an excellent choice for studio mixing or listening, they are also ideal for enjoying music on the move.

These headphones provide an excellent sound experience and enable you to make fine distinctions. The flat and broad sound reproduction makes them ideal for critical listening, blending, or checking the mix.

They offer excellent sound quality with a flat frequency response and high transparency.

The over-ear design reduces ambient noise in order to provide outstanding sound in any situation.

The soft velour ear pads ensure maximum comfort during long mixing sessions.

They provide an extremely accurate and natural sound reproduction which is ideal for mixing and mastering applications. With an impedance of 300 ohms, they are particularly suitable for mobile use.

The highly efficient magnet system combined with the low weight of the diaphragm leads to high sound pressure levels with a wide frequency response (5 – 35000 Hz) and has a sensitivity of 102 dB. They come in two colors.

These headphones come with a 2-year warranty and can be used for studio use as well as for private listening purposes.



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6 Drop + Sennheiser PC38X Gaming Headsetbest headphones under 200



  • Brand: DROP
  • Ear Placement: Over Ear
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Model Name: Drop + Sennheiser PC38X
  • Item Weight: 0.56 lbs


This is a fantastic headset for gamers who want to experience the ultimate audio performance and comfort while playing their favorite games.

The PC 38X combines our best audio technology with an exclusive design that’s made for you to play.

Drop + Sennheiser, the award-winning audio brand has collaborated with Sennheiser to create a gaming headset that offers crystal clear sound and optimal comfort.

The PC 38X is made with an open-back design for enhanced stereo imaging and locational accuracy.

It combines the best of both worlds – stunning sound and sleek design. Designed with gamers in mind, PC38X features a noise-canceling boom mic so you can focus on the game, not the trash talk; soft ear cushions for maximum comfort; and external volume control for quick adjustments mid-game.

The PC 38X is Sennheiser’s best gaming headset yet. Ideal for professional gamers, this headset is designed to provide you with an immersive audio experience.

It comes with a noise cancelling microphone and the iconic Sennheiser sound quality you’d expect from any of their products.

It gives you a distinct edge in communication and lets you hear your game like never before.

With its closed back headphones design, it keeps the background noise out for complete command over communication.

It also comes with higher sound quality, deeper bass, and an upgraded microphone, this headset is compatible with any 3.5mm-equipped PC or Mac.

It features a noise canceling microphone, an in-line remote for easy control, and 100% digital surround sound.

The noise canceling microphone reduces ambient noise for clear communication with fellow players.

It’s compatible with PC, Mac, PlayStation®4, and mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

It has so many features that you can spend hours just learning how to use it properly. With advanced driver technology from Sennheiser’s flagship headsets.

it can immerse you in your games with its hi-fidelity 7.1 surround sound. The PC38X also has a new lightweight design that makes long gaming sessions more comfortable for your ears.




7 JBL Tour ONE –best audiophiles headphones uner $200



  • Brand: JBL
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Model Name: JBL Tour One Black
  • Form Factor: over-ear


JBL Tour ONE earbuds are designed to fit your lifestyle. Their lightweight, secure fit won’t weigh you down and helps you stay comfortable as you move from place to place.

Made for a variety of sports, these earbuds provide a customized, secure fit for even the most intense workouts.

JBL’s Tour ONE Wireless delivers powerful, high-fidelity audio and award-winning noise cancellation in a lightweight, comfortable design.

The premium materials and thoughtful design make them ideal for life on the go.

JBL Tour One delivers the best quality audio with wired and wireless connectivity, superior active noise canceling, and hi-res audio certification.

These headphones feature 40mm drivers for powerful bass and wide frequency response, as well as aptX Bluetooth technology that provides CD-like sound over any Bluetooth device – all in a lightweight design that’s perfect for travel.

It comes with a powerful battery, up to 20 hours of playback time, these headphones let you enjoy your music while maintaining a wireless connection with your device.

JBL Tour One True ANC Wireless headphones are built with premium materials and a sleek design, they’re ready to handle your on-the-go lifestyle.

With JBL Signature Sound and built-in Google Assistant, your listening experience is elevated to the next level.


8 Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR – best anc headphones under 200



  • Brand: Philips Audio
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Model Name: Fidelio
  • Form Factor: Over-Ear

Philips Fidelio X2HR Over-Ear Open-Air Headphone with its innovative design delivers an immersive audio experience.

The Philips is certified with an extended response frequency range.

The ergonomic design ensures the ear cups perfectly fit your ears for maximum comfort.

The 40 mm driver units deliver an excellent sound quality for all types of music, while the lightweight aluminum voice coils ensure a high level of efficiency.

With its driver capabilities and open ear cup design, this headphone combines crisp highs and rich bass with an enhanced soundstage to create an immersive audio experience of your favorite songs.

The ear cups have been carefully shaped to fit around your ears and will not put any pressure on them during long listening sessions.

The closed design minimizes background noise to enhance the immersive experience.

These headphones are crafted with double-layered ear shells and pre-tilted speaker plates that deliver an exceptionally open soundstage for an exceptional listening experience. With its open-air design, it keeps your sound natural and free from any resonances.

These customized speaker plates allowed the sound waves to travel directly into your ears for an unmatched audio experience.

It has comfortable leather ear pads and headband, a lightweight design for hours of listening pleasure, and large 30 mm speaker drivers that deliver authentic sound at any volume level.

The X2HR also includes two cables; one with an in-line microphone and remote control for Apple devices and the other without a microphone.






9 Sony WHXB900 — best music headphones under 200



  • Brand: Sony
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Model Name: B07VGZQJXC
  • Form Factor: Over Ear


Sony WHXB900 Extra Bass Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones are a thoughtful blend of style and performance.

It has a headbands futuristic design with comfortable ear pads and headband, so it is easy to carry anywhere you go.

The wireless headphone delivers deep, punchy bass sound thanks to extra BASS technology and also allows you to adjust the level of noise cancellation. It’s compact and foldable for easy portability and storage.

They are optimized for Google Assistant and Alexa so you can get seamless hands-free control without any hassle.

The 40mm Hi-Res Audio drivers allow you to experience crisp highs, distinct mids, and powerful lows in every beat.

You can Enhance your listening experience with these Sony Extra Bass Headphones.

These headphones are equipped with an extra bass technology that enhances the sound quality of every track.

Its over-the-ear design lets you enjoy extended comfort, while its noise cancellation feature allows you to focus only on your music. It has a built-in microphone so calls can be taken hands-free.

Sony WH-XB900 Extra Bass Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones is closed-back, over-the-ear headphone with advanced noise reduction.

The deep punchy bass sound comes from an extra BASS technology in these headphones which provides music with up to 3 times more bass when you turn on the extra BASS function.

With a wireless range of up to 300 feet and an additional 30 hours of battery life, the Sony Extra Bass headphones are perfect for listening to your music wherever you go.

Feel the music like never before with Extra Bass technology that will give you powerful, deep, and clear sound. From the big city to the back roads, simply switch on noise-canceling and forget about distractions. You can even connect your phone via Bluetooth and take calls hands-free.




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10 Beyerdynamic DT 770-PRO – best audiophile headphones under 500


  • Brand: Beyerdynamic
  • Model Name: DT 770 PRO
  • Cable Feature: Retractable
  • Item Weight: 3 Pounds
  • Frequency Range : 5 Hz – 35 kHz


Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Headphones are open, dynamic, and the ultimate studio monitoring headphones for professional recording, mixing, mastering, and superior audio quality.

The rugged, detachable Kevlar-reinforced cable makes the DT 770 Pro a perfect choice not only for home use but also on stage and live applications.

The closed-back design reduces ambient noise and offers good bass reproduction.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Headphones provide excellent sound quality and can be used for any audio application.

They are ideal for mixing, mastering, listening to music, and much more. They’re designed to reproduce music with precision, clarity, and detail.

This particular model, the DT 770 PRO (250 Ohm) was released in 2005 and is still in high demand to date because of its smooth, accurate sound.

The DT 770 PRO headphones come with a rugged construction and premium materials such as steel to give them a solid feel and make them last longer.

These headphones are equipped with high-quality transducers, robust construction, and a comfortable fit.

The DT 770 PRO represents the entry-level model of the DT 770 range. It is characterized by its outstanding sound pressure level as well as an excellent price-performance ratio.

Its frequency response is perfectly adapted to the human ear’s sensitivity and it can be used as long as needed without any hearing damage risks.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Headphones – 5 – 35,000Hz frequency response means these headphones can perform at high volume without distortion. The Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Headphones come

with a bag and two detachable cables (one coiled and one straight). They provide even sound pressure levels at all frequencies and their soft ear pads ensure extended wearing comfort.




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11 Beyerdynamic T51i Portable Headphone – best headphones under 200 dollars



  • Brand: Beyerdynamic
  • Color: Silver
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Model Name: T51i
  • Form Factor: On Ear

Beyerdynamic T51i is a premium quality closed dynamic headphone with excellent sound and comfort.

It is perfect for all types of music enjoyment, especially for mobile music and multimedia applications such as laptops, smartphones, and other portable devices.

It delivers high-resolution sound across the entire frequency range. Enjoy its design, flexibility, and technology on your daily excursions or while traveling on business.

The T51i, with its stylish design and excellent audio quality, is the ideal companion for long hours of music enjoyment. The high-end headphone comes with an Apple-compatible 3-button remote control and microphone.

The T51i is a powerful, comfortable, and extremely lightweight on-the-ear headphone. It operates for up to 30 hours without any charging and features a remote control with a microphone for Apple phones and tablets.

With its high efficiency, it provides excellent sound pressure, allowing you to listen to music or communicate without having to turn up the volume excessively.

It will provide you with undisturbed listening pleasure while communicating via radio.

This comfortable headset is perfectly suitable for use in noisy environments because of its excellent passive noise attenuation.

T51i is the perfect companion for your Smartphone, PC or MP3 player. It delivers perfectly balanced sound with maximum bass performance and outstanding clarity in an elegant design.

Thanks to the high-performance Tesla technology, the beyerdynamic T51i offers outstanding audio quality for all kinds of music. With a lightweight and comfortable ear cushions, the headphones allow you to listen to your favorite songs for hours on end. A built-in microphone with button control is available for making hands-free calls under iOS devices.



12 Philips Fidelio NC1 – best headphones under 200



  • Brand: Philips
  • Color: Black
  • Model Name: FBA_NC1
  • Form Factor: On Ear
  • Noise Control: Active Noise Cancellation

NC1 Noise Cancelling Headphones by Philips provide the highest level of active noise cancellation and excellent audio for superior performance.

They are designed to be comfortable and light so you can enjoy your music all day long.

The Philips Fidelio NC1 is a pair of noise-canceling headphones that come with a 3.5mm jack and an airplane adapter.

These headphones are engineered for detailed sound and pristine music, so you can hear everything in crystal clear quality.

The Philips NC1 is the ideal headphone for all your music needs. It can deliver sound that’s true to life with a wide range of frequencies and high-definition clarity

Philips NC1 headphones are the ultimate in noise canceling. With an optimized 40-mm neodymium driver and a high sensitivity of 105 dB/mW, Philips NC1 is the best possible companion for your smartphone or portable music player.

It offers you a natural sound experience with punchy bass and crystal clear highs for complete listening pleasure.

With its foldable earphones and elegant design, it will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle wherever you go – whether you’re out on a run or at work.

NC1 headphones use 40mm drivers that utilise high-power neodymium magnets to accurately reproduce sounds across all frequencies.



13 Philips Fidelio L3 ( best headphones for audiophiles under 200 )



  • Brand: Philips Audio
  • Ear Placement: Over Ear
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Model Name: Overhead Headphones

Looking for headphones that deliver the best sound? Look no further! Philips Fidelio L3 Over-Ear Wireless Headphones are here to answer all your audio needs. It features advanced sonic technologies to deliver a truly authentic music experience.

Philips Fidelio L3 over ear headphones deliver an immersive listening experience, with crisp highs and deep bass, for all types of music.

From the high-quality speaker drivers to the specially designed sound chamber in which they are enclosed to the quality of the materials used, every aspect has been meticulously considered to ensure that you get the perfect mix of highs, mids, and lows in your music.

The Fidelio L3 also features a built-in microphone for calls on smartphones or tablet devices.

These premium headphones combine first-class materials, an exquisite design, and a Bluetooth® connection to deliver a masterful listening experience.

Philips Fidelio L3 is a wireless over-ear headphone that is compatible with Bluetooth and NFC. It is the first in its class to come with an Active Noise Cancellation feature and is built keeping comfort in mind.

The premium leather ear pads provide you with a comfortable listening experience for long hours.

Whether you are commuting, working out, or simply enjoying your time at home, Fidelio L3 headphones let you enjoy music wirelessly. You can also choose to connect it via Bluetooth or NFC.

Philips Fidelio L3 is the over-ear wireless headphone that delivers next-level sound quality. Packed with an impressive 40mm neodymium driver, it delivers clearer highs and detailed bass to give you an immersive listening experience.

It features a noise cancelling microphone so no matter where you go, you can enjoy high quality calls with work or friends.



14 Sony Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones – best anc headphones under 200



  • Brand: Sony
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Form Factor: Over Ear
  • Cable Feature: Without Cable, Retractable


Sony Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones are the best noise canceling headphones in the market.

They come with Dual Noise Sensor technology that lets you listen to your music in peace or listen to ambient sounds when needed.

These Headphones combine personalized comfort, enhanced sound quality, and immersive listening headphones under 200.

The headphones have been designed with the best noise-canceling technology from Sony to give you a clear sound at any volume.

It is perfect for traveler who wants to block out noise or just listen to their favorite music.

You can select from three different modes that give you the best flexibility in your listening experience.

Whether you’re commuting or flying, these noise-canceling wireless headphones will help you relax and unwind.

The 30mm drivers provide the superior audio quality you’d expect from Sony headphones while active noise canceling blocks out unwanted sounds up to 98%.

Experience the freedom of wireless listening with these comfortable, lightweight circumaural headphone.

They feature adaptive noise-canceling technology so you can block out unwanted sounds, whether it’s the sound of traffic or barking dogs.

Sony Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones are engineered to deliver exceptional clarity and sound, with up to 30 hours of battery life.

They’re wireless, light, and comfortable enough to wear all day, every day.

They feature Bluetooth and NFC pairing, 20Hz-20000Hz frequency response range for high-quality sound reproduction.

These headphones will ensure that you can listen to your favorite music in peace no matter where you are.

With up to 35 hours of playback time and wireless Bluetooth capability, these headphones are great for all types of listening – whether it is a long flight or a quick commute.

Whenever you want to catch up with your favorite TV show or listen to some music, make sure you use Sony Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones. You will be able to enjoy the noise cancellation feature that lets you focus on your favorite content.



15 Sony Mdr-cd900st — best studio headphones under 200


Sony MDR-CD900ST Headphones are designed to reproduce sound with high precision and clarity, thus achieving a natural and engaging listening experience.

The Sony MDR-CD900ST is professional old looking headphones that deliver a broad dynamic range with clear sound in all frequencies.

With a power-efficient neodymium magnet structure, the MDR-CD900ST has large 40mm drivers and wide frequency response.

Its closed-back design effectively suppresses external noise for high isolation.

It comes With high-quality materials and advanced technology, this music studio monitor headphones are made to produce great sound with clear bass, treble, and mid-tones.

It features a gold-plated plug that is corrosion-resistant for long-lasting durability.

The earpads are designed with extra thick urethane foam for comfortable wearing over long periods of time.

The sound quality is amazing, it can make you feel like you are in a concert. You can hear each instrument clearly and play with every tone.

MDR-CD900ST is a full-scale monitor headphone, 3.3mm diameter, 8.6m long cord from the left and right of the symmetrical double-sided plug design can be connected to any 3.5mm headphone socket, but also to achieve the CD900ST stereo connection.

MDR-CD900ST is equipped with a carbon fiber diaphragm driver unit, low impedance coil, and two 40mm dome type driver units for effective control of the high flux density magnetic circuit groups, resulting in a great sense of sound density that can reproduce all genres of music.




In this article, I will take a look at the top 15 best headphones under 200. With so many options in the market for $200 headset, it can be quite hard to decide which one to go for without knowing their unique features and what kind of quality you can expect from them.

The best headphones under 200 are the ones that provide quality audio, comfort, and durability.

These headphones allow you to enjoy your music with quality sound at an optimal volume level.

Whether you’re exercising or just relaxing, these are great for all occasions for the best headphones out right now.



best headphones for 200 dollars Faq

which are the best headphones under 200

audio Technica ath m50x
sony wh 1000xm4
beats solo
Bose QuietComfort

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