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Top 15 best headphones under 500 dollars in 2023



There are a number of good pairs of best headphones under 500 dollars available in the market. I have spent a lot of time finding the best headphones under $500 and compiled a list for you to choose from it.

I understand that it can be difficult to find a pair of wireless headphones that meet your needs and budget.

 If you want quality sound but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg then check out these top headphones under 500.

These products will give you everything you need at an affordable price range that won’t break your bank account!

I’ve included all types such as wired headphone & Bluetooth earbuds as well as noise cancelling & non-noise canceling options so there’s something here no matter what type of user you may be!



Researching for the best Headphones under 500


At this point in the process when people get overwhelmed with all of their options. You have to choose from hundreds or even thousands of the best headphones under 500

The research can be exhausting, but it is necessary because not only will you need a good pair for yourself (and maybe one as backup), but also which ones work best.

I took it upon myself to save you countless hours of time and anxiety by handling all your research needs. After reviewing the $500 headphones in a number of categories.

 I found that closed back are best for those who want excellent sound quality with less ambient noise interference; open backed ones let out more bass than their closed-back counterparts but aren’t as isolating so they’re great if privacy isn’t an issue; while over ear cups keep outside sounds at bay without sacrificing comfortability or spatial awareness.

With all of these different options available, it is easy for you (and me) to have a tough time picking out just what we need! But don’t worry – I’ve done most if not all of your research here is the list of best under 500 headphones so that’s one less thing in my life I need to do every day




Best Guide to Choosing the Best Headphones under 500


If you’re looking to save some money, try out the best 500 dollar headphones on your own. If not and want a little help in deciding which ones are worth buying then I have reviews for each one so that might be something worth checking into!


Noise Cancellation

Some people love the peace and quiet that noise cancellation headphones provide, while others enjoy a little background activity in their music.

The best option is one where you can block out all sounds or just what’s bothering you most – whichever fits your personal preferences!

Battery timing

Headphones come with a variety of different features, and battery life is one that should not be overlooked.

You don’t want to find yourself stranded without power when you are commuting or out in public doing your daily activities like shopping for groceries because if it’s gone then there will be no music!

Make sure you buy headphones that last anywhere from 8-24 hours depending on how often they’re used; this way the user never has an issue plugging into their device mid-day thanks again to unique brands such as Monster Cloud.


Stereo Quality Sound – best headphones under 500

A good pair of headphones is a must for any music lover. You should always look for highly recommended and high sound quality models, so that you can’t go wrong with your purchase!




1 Focal Elegia Headphones  – best headphones under 500 with mic



  • Brand: Focal
  • Color: Black/Silver
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Model Name: Focal Elegia
  • Form Factor: Over Ear
  • Item Weight: 4.00 lbs
  • Special Features: Lightweight
  • Impedance: 80 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 104dB SPL / 1mW a 1kHz


The Focal Elegia High-Fidelity Closed-Back Circum-Aural Headphones are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to hear every detail in their music.

Focal’s first-ever audiophile closed back headphones, Elegia is the world’s best-sounding and most comfortable circumaural model.

It incorporates a proprietary full-range driver with innovative new technology for delivering unparalleled sound quality in an incredibly small package that can be used on any device without sacrificing performance or comfort.

It can fill you with joy, or make your heartache – it all depends on the song and how it makes us feel inside!

The Focal Elegia headphones have taken this idea one step further by creating an experience that exceeds what we hear when listening through them.

 these cans also deliver high-quality audio playback thanks to their excellent noise canceling technology combined with exquisite craftsmanship from leather covering over aluminum parts which are tuned in order for both comfortabilities as well as style-wise compatibility.

If there was ever something worth investing into then this would be exactly It does not matter if someone wants more bass because they’ve got plenty already without having.

It features an ‘M’-shaped aluminum/magnesium dome that delivers incredible tonal balance, which can reproduce subtleties in sound at both very high or low frequencies

2          Beyerdynamic T1 ( best headphones under 500 for gaming)


Key specification

  • Brand: Beyerdynamic
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Headphones Jack: 6.35 mm
  • Item Weight: 1.00 lbs
  • Special Features: Carrying case included
  • Impedance: 600 ohms
  • Headband: Easy-care, protein-coated leatherette
  • Application: Hi-fi amplifiers,
  • Design: Semi-open


With their high-quality materials, excellent workmanship, and timeless design, these audiophile stereo headphones are an absolute must-have in every household!

Whether at home or on the go – this product will delight any user who wants to experience music as it was meant to be heard!

 You’ll love listening through these premium earphones that deliver powerful basses, transparent highs, and detailed mid-tones.

They’re perfect for your iPhone or Android device too! And they come in a special Ninja Edition so you can enjoy them even more than ever before! Get yours today while supplies last!

Don’t miss out on this amazing deal because once they sell out. they’re gone forever!! Act now before it’s too late to purchase the best headphones under 500!

The new T1 is more harmonically tuned than its predecessor, with an even greater range that will delight listeners. It also has a touch of warmth and musicality to it which makes for great sound quality!

The second-generation T1 is an unprecedented innovation in sound. Integrated from the ground up, it’s integrated with 600 ohm VC for enhanced fidelity and efficiency while maintaining optimal battery life thanks to its intricately crafted design.

Detachable cables are a great way to keep your headphones organized. The double-sided textile braided cable is 3m long and made of copper, so it’ll have you listening in style!

The soft protein leather ear cushions plus the high-quality headband make this set very comfortable for wearing all day long without causing any pain or discomfort around one’s ears when worn correctly (you can even tweak them if necessary)




3              SENNHEISER HD 660 S – best bluetooth headphones under 500



  • Brand: Sennheiser
  • Color: Black
  • Model Name: HD 660 S
  • Form Factor: Over Ear
  • Impedance: 150 ohm
  • Item Weight: 0.58 lbs
  • Special Features: Lightweight
  • Transducer Principle: Dynamic, Open
  • Connector: 6.35 mm / 4.4 mm Pentaconn    
  • Contact pressure: 6.0 N – 1 N
  • Frequency response: 10 to 41,000 Hz


The HD 660 S is the perfect headphone for anyone who wants to experience their favorite songs in a new way.

It’s crafted with passion and precision, so it delivers an incredibly accurate and detailed sound that will make your heart skip a beat.

They also come with two detachable cables so they’ll work great with any device including smartphones, laptops, and more!

Plus they fold up easily into a compact carrying case so they won’t take up too much space in your bag or suitcase while traveling.

The listening experience with these cans is one filled with clarity. The deep bass and crisp highs will make you feel like sitting in the front row at your favorite concert, while the closed-back design blocks out distractions to give you sound quality only found in professional studio headphone!

Exceptional Sound: The HD 660 S is crafted for the demanding listener, with a long list of features that will surpass your expectations.

This golden-eared headphone has an extended and balanced frequency response to deliver clarity in every detail while maintaining its musicality at all times.

The lower 150 Ohm impedance facilitates a direct connection between premium home audio devices as well as mobile ones so even when you’re on-the go this set can get down low enough without any distortion!

Supreme comfort: The HD 660 S is a fantastic pair of headphones that will provide you with pure listening pleasure.

The large elliptical ear cups are shaped following the anatomy of our beloved head (and hands), while also featuring soft velour covered cushions for ultimate comfortability – even on extended use sessions like driving or flying where hours can go buy before taking off again!

Thick padding makes up most parts in this package; it includes thick banding which ensures supreme isolation from external noise sources so as not Disturb any passengers who might happen by–or worse yet: sit near.

Versatile Connectivity: The HD 660 S is a high-quality device that will deliver great sound and video. For added convenience, it’s equipped with two included cables: one 6.35mm stereo plug for use at home (included an adaptor).

while connecting to your amp or processor; the other 4.4 mm Pentaconn balanced output which can be used when traveling abroad in order not have any equipment carrying voltage drop problems on stage during live performances

They’re super durable, have a low contact pressure (6N-1) and come with two connection options: one 6.35mm stereo plug that works in conjunction with most Hires devices such as headphones & speakers at an affordable price of $2 per foot;

This advanced digital audio/video system, provides a transparent performance so you are able to enjoy every detail like never before




4            Shure SRH1540 – best headphones under 500 wireless



  • Brand: Shure
  • Color: Black
  • Model Name: SRH1540-BK
  • Form Factor: Over Ear
  • Noise Control: Sound Isolation
  • Drivers: 40 mm neodymium


The Shure SRH1540 Headphones are designed to meet the demands of professional audio engineers and music enthusiasts alike.

The headphones feature an open-back design for a spacious soundstage with superior imaging, enhanced bass response, and reduced external noise.

With detachable cables featuring locking connectors that provide easy replacement or customization; plus a carrying case that provides protection when not in use; these headphones are built to last.

They’re also comfortable enough to wear all day thanks to their padded headband and ear cups so you can listen longer without fatigue.

 These headphones will give you years of enjoyment while delivering exceptional clarity across the entire frequency spectrum from deep lows through crystal clear highs at any volume level!

 The 40 mm neodymium drivers of the UE55Ibu6700 deliver superior sound performance by delivering a clear, expansive soundstage with extended highs and warm bass.

The diaphragm developed for these headphones was made using APTIV Film which improves linearity to make it perfect at reproducing lower harmonics in order to reduce distortion on its total output level.

While also keeping background noise low enough not to interfere too much when you’re listening to music or watching videos without any external distractions around!

The SRH1540 Professional Engineer-Designed Stereo Headphones are designed to be the perfect headphones for engineers, musicians, and audiophiles.

The low price point makes this product accessible from any budget making it ideal as an additional tool in your profession’s arsenal or just something fun!

SRH1540 is a new interactive video system that enables creativity in real-time. It’s easy and straightforward, with fewer audio woes than traditional methods for creating videos!

The SRH1540 is the best choice for listening to music and enjoying an expansive soundstage. Extraordinary highs are clear, while extended bass provides warmth during your favorite tracks.

SRH1540 is the best choice for Podcasting professionals. Its superior audio and comfort make it an excellent podcasting tool, especially when used by a pro like you!

SRH1540 delivers rich sound quality with every word captured accurately thanks to its large 40mm neodymium speakers that deliver up to 100dB louder output than ordinary headphones do.

Additionally, they feature soft memory foam earpads so listeners can enjoy hours of comfortable use without becoming sore or uncomfortable even after long sessions; this makes them perfect if your passion lies in talking about anything from politics all day at work straight through late-night conversations on Skype chat rooms while trying out various recipes during.




5      Neumann NDH20 – best headphones with mic under 500


Key specification

  • brand: Neumann NDH 20
  • Color Name: Silver
  • Impedance: 150 Ohm
  • Drivers: 38 mm/1.5
  • Fit Type: Over-Ear
  • Special Features: Noise Isolation, Foldable
  • Item Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Connector Type: 3.5 mm
  • Material Type: Ear pads


The NDH 20 is the perfect headphone for anyone who wants to monitor and mix in loud and noisy environments.

 It’s closed-back, so it provides excellent isolation from your surroundings while still allowing you to hear what’s going on around you.

The headset has a lightweight aluminium frame and headband that are adjustable for any size, while the ear cup covers are made from flexible steel.

You can also adjust the volume without taking off the headphones thanks to its clever design. And with memory foam ear pad, they offer high long-term comfort.

If you want a great-sounding headphone that will help you get through those tough mixing sessions, then look no further than Neumann’s NDH20 Closed Back Monitoring Studio Headphones!

They’re comfortable enough that even after hours of use, your ears won’t hurt or feel fatigued at all! Plus, they have an impressive frequency response range between 5 Hz – 30 kHz which means every sound detail comes through crystal clear!

When it comes to studio monitors, Neumann has a long history of excellence.

Their new ML-Series headphones are no exception and offer transparent sound with high resolution in an enclosed environment that will allow you to work through any noise condition easily!

 They’re also comfortable enough for prolonged use without discomfort even after hours on end at your desk- thanks largely due to their soft padding over the ears which makes them light as a feather (or more specifically 200 grams).

 The new NDH-20 is a Citation Series Hybrid Headphones with newly designed drivers (38 mm/1.5”) and high gauss neodymium magnets that allow you to listen closely without any unwanted coloration getting in the way, making this an ideal choice for those looking at higher quality sound while also remaining sensitive enough so as not be overwhelmed by volume levels.


6       Massdrop x Beyerdynamic DT 177X Headphones – best headphone amp under 500


You’ll love our Massdrop x Beyerdynamic DT 177X GO Over-Ear Closed Back Headphones.

With their closed-back design and plush ear tip, these headphones will be your go-to when listening to music or watching movies at home or work.

Their sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frame makes them perfect for travel too! And with an included 1/4 inch adapter plug they are compatible with any device that has an audio jack including laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

The Beyerdynamic Massdrop x32-ohm closed back headphones are perfect for anyone looking to carry their music with them, but without sacrificing sound quality.

 They feature a four-pin mini XLR connection that will work well when using balanced cables in an office environment where noise isn’t as big of an issue.

For those who want extra comfort on top of great-sounding cans, you can get two pairs: one made out of sheepskin and velour ear pads from Dekoni!

The Beyerdynamic DT 177X GO is a studio headphones collaboration with world-renowned headphone manufacturer, Beyer.

The latest generation 45 mmTesla drivers are used in this ear-canal supporting monster of sound that will make your heart pound outer control!

The bass on these bad boys hits hard enough to shake buildings and rattle windows. so you know they’re gonna be perfect for creating some serious chaos at home or wherever else creativity happens.

This high-quality product is a must for those who want to experience true wireless listening. It’s designed with all your needs in mind, starting from the headphones you get when purchasing it (Beyerdynamic DT 177X GO).

They come equipped with different style earpads so that one can customize their own sound profile which will lead them down an enjoyable path towards unprecedented audio delight!





7     MrSpeakers ÆON Flow – open back headphones under 500



  • Brand: MrSpeakers, Inc
  • Color: Black
  • Form Factor: Over-Ear
  • Headphones Jack: 3.5 mm
  • Item Weight: 3.2 pounds
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Special Features: Removable cable, carrying case.


ÆON Flow Open is a planar magnetic headphone that delivers the most accurate sound reproduction possible.

It’s an open-back design, so it doesn’t isolate you from your environment and lets ambient sounds in.

The soundstage of these headphones is exceptional. it provides a sense of space that makes every note feel like its own instrument playing right next to you.

And because it has no distortion, even at high volumes, there are no limits on how loud you can play your favorite songs!

With ÆON Flow Open Headphones, we have created something truly special for our customers who want nothing but the best listening experience they can get out of their headphones.

We know what goes into creating great-sounding headphones because we make them ourselves here in California with only premium materials and components sourced from all over the world!

Our goal was to create a pair of headphones that would be comfortable enough for hours on end while still delivering the same level of detail as much more expensive models out there today. We think we did just that – check out these reviews if you don’t believe us!

It uses V-Planar and TrueFlow technology to deliver a wide frequency response, lower distortion, and improved soundstage with an open back design that allows airflow around the drivers for better bass.

The Aeon Flow is available in two versions: the Aeon Flow Closed (AFC) which includes an active noise canceling circuit and the standard Aeon Flow (AF) which does not include ANC. The AFC model has a higher MSRP than the AF.

The earpads are made of premium lambskin leather for comfort, and it has a removable cable with 4-pin XLR termination.

“The ÆON Flow Open Back Headphone is a new headphone from MrSpeakers. It features a completely open-back design, dual low-frequency drivers with a 3-way crossover, and a high-frequency driver for increased clarity.

The earpads are made of soft sheepskin leather and the headband is covered in Alcantara suede. This model also includes a 1/4″ adapter.”




8          Jabra Evolve2 85 MS Wireless Headphones – best sounding headphones under 500



  • Brand: Jabra
  • Color: Black
  • Model Name: Evolve2 85
  • Form Factor: Over Ear
  • noise isolation: yes
  • active noise cancellation: yes
  • busy light: yes
  • wireless: yes
  • battery timing: up to 37 hours
  • Microphone: 10-microphone technology
  • special Features:      Foldable, Microphone


The Jabra Evolve2 85 wireless headphones are the best way to enjoy your music in peace and quiet.

 They use noise cancellation technology that cancels 54% more of external sound, providing you with an immersive audio experience!

A major benefit is their durable materials; these premium cans can take a beating so they’re built for all-day wear without fear – even while jogging or exercising.

If isolation isn’t quite what’s needed from an earbud-style headset, then check out our runner-up picks.

Get a better signal with this business headset. The 40mm speakers provide rich, high-definition audio for calls and music so you can be confident that your messages will always get through loud & clear no matter where the call takes place or who else is listening in on speaker mode!

it features 10 built-in microphones which eliminate unacceptable distortion during important conversations too.

The HIDDEN BOOM ARM is a stylish, yet functional Bluetooth headset that’s perfect for any professional or busy individual.

The sleek design comes with an easy-to-use boom arm and refined look so you can take your calls no matter where life takes you! Plus the new busy light will make it easier than ever before to see in low light conditions.

 It’s made for Microsoft Teams and will provide you with an optimized experience when using this workspace software to chat, collaborate remotely, or record meetings in one place instead of having different devices for each purpose!



9        Beyerdynamic Amiron  headphone – best headphones under 500



  • Brand: Beyerdynamic
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired Version
  • Form Factor: Over Ear
  • Frequency Response: 15 – 24,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 40 ohms
  • tem Weight:  0.75 lbs
  • Special Features: Velvety soft headband and ear pads out of Alcantara microfibres and Microvelour

The Am iron home is the perfect headphone for those who want to enjoy their favorite songs in a more personal setting.

 It’s handmade and features our Tesla technology, which delivers an unparalleled listening experience that will bring your music to life.

Beyerdynamic’s high-end headphones are now combined with a digital edge. With the portable USB DAC ‘Impacto essential’, and universal model, you can enjoy your music without being dependent on end devices’ jack plugs!

Pair these up together with Beyertone T 1 (2nd gens) & T 5p Gold models for perfect sound quality every time

The Amiron headphones are designed to be a natural extension of the environment where you can listen to and enjoy music from.

The open sound profile produces an immersive, spacious feel that will take listeners on their first-ever musical journey as if they were actually there!

The Amiron home headphone is a sleek and stylish way to enjoy your favorite concert anytime, anywhere.

The inbuilt speakers allow you to forget time while cradled securely on the desk or lap with ease of use that’s second nature for any music lover!

thanks to the Tesla technology, every note comes through crisp and clear so you feel like you’re right there at the concert hall or studio with your favorite artist.

Experience pure musical enjoyment today by ordering an Am iron home from our website now!

The Amiron home headphones are the perfect fit for you. They ensure optimum comfort and will last hours of listening pleasure with their balanced contact pressure, a velvety soft headband that feels like clouds cuddling your ears they’re also made out of only high-quality materials to give a sense of total well-being while enjoying music!

The best headphones are an investment in your listening experience. They produce music that is clear, deep, and full of detail with a luxurious headband made from high-quality materials like Alcan Tara microfibers to ensure long-lasting comfort while you’re transported into another world through sound for hours on end!



10                   New Apple AirPods Max – best headphones under 500 dollars


Key specification

  • Brand: Apple
  • Color: Silver
  • Connectivity Technology: NFC, Bluetooth, Transparancy,
  • Model Name: AirPods Max
  • Form Factor: Over Ear
  • active noise cancellation: yes
  • battery life:  up to 20 hours of listening time
  • bluetooth: yes
  • adaptive eq: yes


 The Apple AirPods Max are the most comfortable, convenient, and best-sounding wireless earbuds on the market.

They’re engineered with advanced hardware and software that delivers incredible sound quality while keeping your music automatically playing without any distractions.

 You can even use them to summon Siri or control your favorite apps like Spotify or Apple Music. And they come in silver so they look great with everything!

With just one tap of these headphones, you can activate Siri to make calls, play songs, adjust volume, and more all without reaching for your iPhone.

Apple AirPods are the magical headphones that disappear in your ears, and appear again when you need them.

 With a wireless charging case, up to 3 hours of listening time on one charge, and a total of 24 hours of listening time with the wireless charging case. Available in silver or space gray.

The Apple AirPods are a wireless earbud headset designed to work with all of your devices. You can use Siri without taking your phone out of your pocket thanks to the AirPods’ beamforming microphones, which filter out background noise.

So you can be heard clearly, even in noisy environments. And when you don’t want to use them, just place them in their case.


11 DROP + Dan Clark Audio Aeon Planar Magnetic Headphones


Key specification

  • Brand: DROP
  • Ear Placement:    Over Ear
  • Color: Blue / Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Model Name:  Drop + Dan Clark Audio Aeon
  • Item Weight:  0.72 lbs        
  • Special Features:                Lightweight, Tangle-Free Cord,
  • Impedance:                          12.5 ohms
  • Efficiency:                             91dB/mW


DROP + Dan Clark Audio is excited to introduce the Aeon Closed X, an update on our popular Aeon Open X. It’s also built with premium materials like carbon fiber and leather that will last through years of use.

Dan Clark is the founder of Dan Clark Audio, a renowned high-end audio engineer who has been working for more than 20 years.

His mission in founding this company was simple: to design headphones that allow listeners not just great sound but an incredible experience so they can feel what’s playing or singing right into their ears and nothing less.

In a world where planar magnetic open-back headphones are all the rage, it’s exciting to see Dan Clark Audio take on another challenge.

You can expect all these great qualities in a closed back design that blocks out external noise so you can focus on your music or movie without distraction from outside sounds.

With its sleek black colorway and comfortable headband cushioning, it’s sure to be one of your favorite pairs yet!

The Aeon Closed X is the closed-back version of our award-winning Flow Series. We knew we wanted to maximize isolation for someone who listens mostly on their own, so we used newly selected earpads and drivers with less dampening than before in order to even out tone quality while minimizing reverberation through soundstage performance!

The Aeon Flow headphones are back with new features to boot. The original model was a success, so they’ve added passive isolation and punchy audio for those who love it!

A refined version of their successful predecessor means these cans have the same warm sound profile as before but now come equipped with better power response too perfect.

if you want good clarity while listening on your commute or workout playlist without getting that annoying tinny feedback like some earbuds can sometimes do when squeezing out just enough bass note thumpin’ grunt work from the track’s producers into one cohesive groove; let him handle this by giving them an arm-candy treatment in much smoother style instead.

The improved soundstage on the Flow Series is in part due to our use of partially fenestrated ear pads and reduced driver dampening.

This evens out the tone, minimizing reverberation for an immersive listening experience that you’ll never want to go back to!



12          Audeze LCD-1 Headphones



  • Brand:                                            Audeze
  • Color:                                              Black
  • Connectivity Technology:         Wired
  • Form Factor:                                 Over Ear
  • Item Weight:                                0.55 lbs
  • Special Features:                         Foldable

Audeze LCD-1 Headphones uses “Planar Magnetic” technology that reduces distortion and increases efficiency.

The headphones deliver detailed, accurate sound that gives you the experience of being there.

They are extremely comfortable and convenient to use because they can be folded flat and carried easily in a backpack or suitcase.

The Audeze LCD-1 are the best audiophile headphones on the market.

The Audeze LCD-1 Headphones are a premium set of audiophile headphones that deliver an authentic open-back listening experience.

The planar magnetic drivers in the LCD-1s produce a wide frequency response and excellent dynamic range.


This makes them ideal for home or studio use as well as on the go, as they can reproduce music with stunning detail and clarity.

Audeze’s LCD-1 is a premium audiophile headphone with the comfort of a custom fit. The LCD-1 features Audeze’s patented planar magnetic technology for remarkable sound quality.

The Audeze LCD-1 is a planar magnetic headphone that delivers an open, spacious sound with a wide and deep soundstage.

The LCD-1’s unique design allows for the creation of a more accurate and detailed sonic image.

Its lightweight diaphragm provides better low-frequency response than other headphones in its class. Each pair comes with a hardshell travel case and 1/4″ adapter.

You can use them at home or take them on the go thanks to their detachable cable system. Plus they come with two cables (one balanced and one unbalanced) so there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues when using different audio sources.

If you want incredible sound quality then look no further than these amazing Audeze LCD-1 Audiophile Headphones!


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13     Bang & Olufsen Beoplay HX  



  • Brand: Bang & Olufsen
  • Color: Black Anthracite
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Model Name: HX
  • Form Factor: Over Ear
  • Item Weight: 0.63 lbs
  • Special Features: Noise Cancellation, Lightweight
  • battery timing: up to 30 hours
  • Battery life : Up to 19 hours with Bluetooth
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours
  • Fit: Over-ear
  • Materials: Leather, aluminum, polymer, and steel


Do you hate the feeling of earbuds and headphones digging into your head? We all know that feeling.

It’s uncomfortable, distracting, and can even be painful after a while. But with Beoplay HX over-ear headphone, you don’t have to deal with that anymore!

With Active Noise Cancellation technology built in, these wireless headphone let you immerse yourself in your music without being disrupted by outside noise or distractions.

The ANC works by creating inverse sound waves which cancel out any unwanted ambient sounds meaning no more loud bus engines or crying babies disrupting your listening experience!

Thanks to its lightweight construction and soft lambskin cushioning around each ear cup, Beoplay HX is perfect for long flights where comfort is key – so sit back relax and enjoy some quality tunes as if they were made just for you!

The lightweight Beoplay HX offers up to 30 hours when using both ANC & Bluetooth speakers but will last 40 without it if needed!

Beoplay HX headphones are the perfect pair of wireless noise canceling earphones for everyone who has to balance work and play.

With all-day battery life, you can listen at your leisure without worrying about running out of signal or being too far from a charging station in order to avoid data overages while still getting great sound quality!

These comfortable on-ear cans even come with hybrid Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology so that it’s easier than ever before the possible switch back into “work mode” when needed

Olufsen is the world’s only Bluetooth® speaker that provides both powerful sound and effective isolation for a perfect listening experience.

With four microphones, it also has an excellent call quality when you need to take someone else in on your favorite tunes or podcast episode listen intently without interruption.

while driving alone knowing Olufsen will keep everything private with its innovative design features such as bass ports which enhance low-end performance so every note rings true even at high volumes!

Plus these custom 40mm speakers are diamond coated neodymium magnets complete with treble control – meaning crystal clear vocals no matter what volume setting you choose.”

Beoplay HX are the perfect headphones for your next outdoor adventure. Bluetooth 5.1 and pairing technology allow you to quickly connect with your device while providing a strong connection that will last all day long!

These bluetooth headphone with great soundstage and these also come equipped with 3 options: an easy setup process using silicone tips or cables (included), charging via USB.

A port on computer/wall charger combo unit as well as wired audio input cable – so whether its battery power is low or not near any outlets we’ve got something available at our disposal unlike any other product out there today!




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14    Master  & Dynamic headphones – best headphone under 500 wired


  • Color: Silver
  • Model Name: MW65
  • Form Factor:            Over Ear
  • battery life: up to 24 hours
  • charging time:  up to 12 hours in 15 minutes
  • Frequency: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Item Weight: 0.54 lbs
  • Driver Diaphragm: Beryllium
  • Driver Motor Material: Neodymium
  • Driver Size: 40mm
  • Special Features: Lightweight, Microphone Feature, Noise Cancellation,


They’re lightweight, comfortable, and provide superior sound quality with their dual mode active noise canceling technology.

You can take them anywhere and enjoy clear music in any environment. Plus, they have up to 24 hours of battery life so you don’t have to worry about charging them every day!

The Master & Dynamic MW65 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones are designed for the modern traveler.

The MW65 features smart touch controls that allow you to adjust volume, play/pause music, or answer calls with a simple tap of your finger.

The Master & Dynamic MW65 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones feature 40mm drivers that deliver deep bass and crisp highs without distortion.

The compact and lightweight design deliver premium audio performance with a sleek look.

With these headphones on your head, you won’t ever want another pair again! Just one touch of a button will activate the active noise canceling feature which uses microphones inside the ear cups to pick up ambient sounds around you and cancel them out using inverse waves that produce silence.

It also has an impressive battery life that lasts for over 20 hours when fully charged enough time for even the longest flights or commutes!

And if that wasn’t enough already, just 15 minutes is all it takes to charge these bad boys back up again so you never miss a beat.



15                   David Clark DC PRO-X2 Headset – best headphones under 500 dollars



  • Brand: David Clark
  • Color: Green
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Item Weight: 1.9 pounds

Are you a pilot? Do you need to communicate with your co-pilot and other pilots in the air?

The DC PRO-X2 is an aviation headset that has superior technology, comfort, and performance. Dual voice coil ear phone drivers ensure fail-safe communication when one of them fails or if there is interference from outside sources like engine noise or radio signals.

The DC PRO-X2 Hybrid Headset is the first noise-canceling aviation headset to offer Bluetooth® technology. The DC PRO-X2 provides superior comfort and performance for pilots flying with Bluetooth® devices, including the Apple iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®.

The DC PRO-X2 is a hybrid aviation headset that combines the best attributes of passive and active noise cancellation technologies.

The result is a high-performance, low-profile electronic headset with superior audio quality. The DC PRO-X2 features the same long-wearing comfort and ease of use as its predecessor, the DC PRO-1.

The DC PRO-X2 features a sleek, lightweight design that’s optimized for wearing over glasses.

It also boasts an innovative adjustable boom microphone that positions the mic closer to your mouth, allowing you to speak clearly without raising your head from its natural position.

Automatically adjusts to provide optimum noise reduction in high-noise environments, such as the engine compartment of a helicopter. The DC PRO-X2 headset also provides exceptional passive attenuation—up to 32 dB NRR—as well as superior sound quality and comfort.


Final Conclusions

The best wireless headphones under 500 dollars are the ones that meet your needs. If you want to stay within budget, but still need a great product then these best headphones under 500 products will be perfect for you!

Check out our list of the top 15 best headphones under 500 and find what suits your needs without breaking your bank account.

In order to enjoy the best sound possible, it is important that you have a quality pair of headphones. However, not all ear buds and speakers are created equally- some may cause hearing damage or accumulate dirt too easily!

The search for the best headphones under 500 is over. I’ve done all the research and found products that will give you quality sound without breaking your bank account.




are the best headphones under 500 worth it?

the best headphones under 500 are very best and suitable for under headphones 500 dollars.
the sound quality of these headphones is very nice with a better headphones design.

which are the best headphones under 500

bose quietcomfort
galaxy buds
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