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Best Open Back Headphones under $200 of 2023



If you’re looking for a pair of best open back headphones under 200 that allows you to feel like you’re in the room with the singer/podcaster, then open back headphone are for you.

The ability to hear everything around you is also a major benefit. Nowadays there are many headphones are available in the market by different brands and categories, with different sizes, shapes, and colors.

But these headphones are the best and comfortable to wear for a long period of time.

I am discussing a brief review of each product, as well as some of the pros and cons that come with each.

Overall we think that this is the best way to get a good open back headphone at a really competitive price.


Open back headphones?

Open back headphones are also known as closed-back headphones, open-back headphones are headphones with the left and right speakers are separated by a wall or a transparent material.

Open back headphone are generally used for listening to music,

Open back headphones are headphones that do not enclose the ear canal and allow the wearer to hear ambient sounds such as the wind in the trees or the sound of music without being distracted by the closed space of an enclosed ear.

It is most often used in conjunction with earphones, the headphones are almost always used with earphones.

The open back design allows the wearer to hear ambient sounds while still listening to music as well as reduce the number of unwanted sounds.

Open back headphone are now a staple in the music industry, as it allows listeners to hear music and ambient sounds without being distracted by the closed space of the enclosed ear.

closed back headphones?

The closed headphones isolate the ambient noise in the environment. Closed headphones are usually used for recording music, with the intention of hearing what is around you.

However, when playing music, it is necessary to keep the music within the range of the decibel level your ear can handle.

The volume, for the most part, is determined by the size of your ear, your level of hearing, and the type of headphones.


Benefits of Open Back Headphones


best open back headphones under 200

Open back headphones deserve the hype they get because there are many reasons why such a product must be bought right away.

Below is an explanation of some advantages of owning such headphones. You’ll feel like you’re right there beside the singer/podcaster versus feeling like you’re stuck in a confined space

  • When using headphones in a quiet environment, you’ll be able to achieve excellent sound quality whatever volume you have them on.
  • There are a lot of great options for studio mixing so that your record can be played on other playback systems.
  •    You’ll be able to hear your podcaster’s voice, but you will not be able to see him or her. You’ll also hear a song you’ve heard many times before, but it will sound different because of the background noise, ambience, and/or acoustics of the room.
  • One thing that will remain the same is the feeling you have at the end of a long day. You will feel like you cannot go home, or at least not until another day comes.


Best open back headphones under 200

Headphones all over   the world became a real necessity for most people! Below are our top 11 picks of best open back headphones under 200 dollars, chosen by our in-house team of product experts.

All the headphones on this list are open back, which means you can listen to audio without covering your ears.



1 Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X – best closed back headphone


  • Brand: Audio-Technica
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Model Name: AUD ATHAD500X
  • Form Factor: Over Ear
  • Item Weight: 0.52 lbs
  • Special Features: lightweight

The Audio Technica company is a very good   brand that produces different types of headphones for each and every music lover.  

The ones that I will mention right now are this company’s best-selling open-back headphones.

The ATH-AD500X are wired open-back headphones that are made of aluminum and some pieces are   made of metal.

The headband is absolutely very comfortable and very durable while on your head.   The earpads are also very comfortable and very fluffy so that they don’t   irritate or bother you.

The measurements of these headphones are 8.3 x 4.8 x 11.3   and they have a very lightweight of 253 grams and comes with a long audio cable .

The open-back design doesn’t give any pressure   on your ears s by that you can have a natural  sensation while using them.

They give extremely  quality headphone , natural sound and impressive bass for the bass  lovers out there that also want a concert-like   sound quality because these open back headphone  while used on a complete silence without any noise around they give you a concert!

The connection on these headphones is by a wire,   and by that, you can connect these headphones with any device that accepts their stereo cable. 

  It is an oxygen-free cable that totally prevents tangles and other obstacles. 

To whom do I recommend: These headphones are totally made   for those people that like a lot of features  on their open back headphone and very good sound quality. Sounds like the headphones  from Audio Technica are a very good choice! 




2 Hifiman the HIFIMAN   SUNDARA – best open back headphones under 200$



  • Brand: HIFIMAN
  • Ear Placement: On Ear
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Form Factor: Over Ear
  • Item Weight: 0.82 lbs
  • Special Features:NEO “supernano” Diaphragm

The Hifiman company is mostly in   charge of open-back headphones and that’s why  I chose to talk about this version of Hifiman   because it is one of the best headphones  that are on the market nowadays. 

The measurements of these headphones are 11 x  6.8 x 12.1 inches and their weight is 371 grams.  

They have a very fancy stylish  look in black color which is matte, their weight directly is associated with their  durability because when you see and touch them.

They give the feeling that they are very durable headphones that would last a pretty long time.  

The open-back design on Hifiman Sundara is very useful for you when you want to stay in your room and don’t have anyone around you.

They deliver very clear sound while in total silence, but if you are outside then I wouldn’t recommend these ones because the voices or noises from around you would be completely mixed with the music that you are listening to on the headphones! 

  They own a special diaphragm on the earpads that gives you a faster and more detailed response. 

As for wired headphones, these open-back headphones are compatible with different devices that you own such as phones, laptops, tablets, your computer, and they are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. 





3 Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR – best open back headphones under 200



  • Brand: Philips Audio
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Model Name: Fidelio
  • Form Factor: Over Ear
  • Item Weight: 0.84 lbs
  • Features: Lightweight, Noise Isolation

  Everybody once in his or her life heard about the Philips Company since they do launch every single product that someone may need on their life! Right now I will go into more details about Philips open-back headphones.

These best open back headphone under 200 is from Philips became my favorite ones just by looking at their very simple small design that is made of leather in the headband.

The ear pads are made of memory foam that makes them very comfortable plus besides that, they also are breathable so the air can move in between them which allows you to wear them longer!  

The measurements that these headphones include are 4.33   x 7.48 x 9.06 and they have a weight of 379 grams.

The acoustic open-back design of these headphones completely eliminates the air pressure so the diaphragm on them would deliver increased sound transparency and smooth high frequencies of sound.

As the name already tells with the Fidelio part we get that these headphones have high fidelity audio which means that they own a very high-quality sound.

They are wired too and the connection part is very easy to work on because they are compatible with lots of devices that accept a detachable oxygen-free cable which means that their cable is more durable and long-lasting. 

To whom do I recommend: I would gladly recommend these headphones to the people that really want a high sound quality.

when it comes to headphones let them be open-back or whatever, as open-back these ones are a very good choice! 




4 Sennheiser HD 599 – best noise cancelling headphones



  • Brand: Sennheiser
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Model Name: HD 599 Special Edition
  • Form Factor: Over Ear
  • Item Weight: 0.57 lbs
  • Special Features: Lightweight

Sennheiser is one of the most famous companies all around the world which includes and launches very good products when it comes to speakers or headphones and right now I will talk about their open-back headphones.

This version of Sennheiser hd headphones comes as wired and it has a very interesting small design that measures 7.2 x 6.1 x 3.2 inches.

They have a weight of 260 grams which means that they have a lightweight that makes them very comfortable while on your head because they won’t bother you.

Coming in black color these open-back headphones became one of the people’s favorite products that are on the market. 

The open-back design on these headphones delivers an immersive audio experience while listening to music that completely improves the listening experience or the playtime.

The headphones own transducers that give you high-quality sound, very great dynamics, and low distortion. 

As mentioned, that these headphones from Sennheiser include wired connectivity.

they can be connected with every audio device such as phones, computers, tablets, laptops,   and any other device that has audio or accepts the cable of these headphones.

I already mentioned. To whom do I recommend:  Basically as already mentioned, I would recommend these amazing headphones to those people that like the changes of the connections since these headphones really do have versatile connectivity! 




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5        Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro – best open back headphones under 2000$



  • Brand: Sennheiser
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Model Name: HD 599 Special Edition
  • Form Factor: Over Ear
  • Item Weight: 0.57 lbs
  • Special Features: Lightweight

As already mentioned, these headphones are mostly used by professionals that have or own a studio or they produce music in their home studio. 

Their design as a whole is very solid when touched, the headband and the ear pads are made of metal but the earpads on the inside are very fluffy and very comfortable that doesn’t bother you.

If you choose to wear them all day long in your studio for producing or only for listening to music.

Since the weight depends on the build material they do not have a very lightweight but still they are very comfortable.  

They only come in black color that looks very cool on them!  The open-back design on these headphones delivers very natural and spatial sound.  

The spatial sound makes these headphones reliable for producing, mixing music for professionals.

You can easily choose between a well-balanced sound and analytical sound with the replaceable earpads that may help you while making music!

They own high-quality and well-balanced sound that is combined with a mid-range, very good bass.

The connection is also wired and it has a cable that can be connected with any device, let it be your own devices such as phones, computers, laptops, or tablets but since made as special studio headphones they work with any device that you may have in your studio or home studio.



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6 Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X – best open back headphones under 200$



  • Brand: Audio-Technica
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Model Name: ATH-AD700X
  • Form Factor: Over Ear
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB/mW
  • Impedance: 38 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 20 – 20, 000 Hz
  • Maximum Input Power: 700 mW
  • Item Weight: 1.00 lbs
  • Special Features: lightweight

The Audio Technica ATH-AD700X is a unique headphone with its open air design for producing the highest quality sound.

They are open-air type headphones that are designed to be placed completely around the ears to allow for the maximum audio experience.

The ATH-AD700X are some of the most expensive headphones available on the market today, with retail prices being between $200 and $300

This may be a draw for some, but there are certainly others who would find the look of this headphone somewhat sloppy in comparison to other competing open back models on today’s market.

The open-air design of the earpads allows for a more natural sound, while the housing is made of metal which, when combined with the open-air design, optimizes the sound quality.

The ATH-AD700X Audiophile headphones offer a wide frequency response of 5Hz to 35 kHz and are highly efficient, resulting in high acoustic output levels.

This model is suitable for professional monitoring and mixing, as well as personal music enjoyment.

The ATH-AD700X is constructed with 40mm drivers that feature neodymium magnets.

One of the main perks of opting for these headphones is that they let you listen to your favorite music while simultaneously letting you block out outside noise thanks to the aluminum honeycomb casing.

The lightweight feel and cozy earpads make them even more attractive. When you increase the volume, CCAW voice coils ensure strong sound quality and reduce sound distortion.

The ATH-AD700X headphones are designed to provide the ultimate listening experience.

They are designed for music, movies and games to provide a comfortable listening experience.

The ATH-AD700X headphones have a total ear-fit; this provides a comfortable listening experience and minimizes pressure.

The total ear fit design minimizes pressure, providing superior acoustic isolation, while the self-adjusting 3D Wing Support provides a comfortable listening experience.

This design also provides a protective sheath so that the cord does not get tangled and damaged.

The ATH-AD700X headphones, designed for mobile devices, feature a compact size with an elegant design that has been engineered with premium quality and functionality in mind.




7 GRADO SR80x Prestige Series – best open back headphones under 200 Dollars



  • Brand: GRADO
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Model Name: Grado SR80x
  • Headphones Jack: 3.5mm with 1/4″ adapter
  •   Cable Feature: Retractable
  • Item Weight: 0.53 lbs

The Grado SR80e is the latest generation of Grado headphones. The SR80e features Grado’s renowned open-backed full-range design with improved comfort and sound quality.

These headphones are easy to drive and are simply one of the most musically engaging best headphones under $100.

The SR80x features a newly designed headband that is padded to provide comfort and adjustability.

It’s made of a synthetic material that’s vegan-friendly, so you can rest assured that this headset is animal-friendly.

The headband is also designed to provide a secure fit, so your headset stays in place during your most active adventures.

The SR80e is a great sounding headphone with rich bass and overall balance.

These headphones are very affordable and provide great value for the money. The sound quality is superb, and the headphones are very comfortable.

The Grado SR80x headphones is a great entry-level headphone for those audiophile listeners who can’t afford a pair of Sennheiser HD650s or a Beyerdynamic DT880, but want a great pair of headphones with a warm and smooth sound signature.

The build quality is very good, with thick plastic used in the ear cups, and the headband is padded with foam.

The Grado SR80x uses brand new 44mm drivers, which are custom-built to their specifications.




8 Shure SRH1840 Professional – best open back headphones under 200$



  • Brand: Shure
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Model Name: SRH1840
  • Form Factor: Over Ear
  • Sensitivity: 107 dB/mW
  • Design: Closed-Back, Circumaura
  • Impedance: 38 Ω
  • Frequency Range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Net Weight: 0.52 lb

The Shure SRH 1840 is a modern-looking headphone with an in-depth and high-quality bass and sound and wide and high-quality stereos that provide outstanding depth of field in sound, making it a preferred choice for people who tend to get rough when using electronic devices.

They also feature a comfortable, lightweight design with a single-sided cable.

The SRH1840’s large 40mm neodymium-alloy drivers deliver smooth, extended highs and accurate bass, while the patented Ear Seal technology ensures outstanding isolation. The large ear cups swivel for one-ear mono monitoring.

The SRH1840s feature a unique, closed-back design that reduces external noise disturbances while providing a superior seal for deep bass response and total isolation from outside noise. The headphones are also collapsible for added portability.





9 beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO – best noise canceling headphones


These headphones are innovative sets that locate several versatile applications for phones, systems, certain sound editing devices, and also much more. The ideal earphones for classical music.

The sound high quality is superior, and also it’s designed to be comfortable to wear all day long.

It’s a non-rechargeable closed headset, but it appears more open than a lot of on this listing.

This collection is a senior in the DT 770 PRO series, where there’s a 32 Ohm design and an 80-ohm monitor version.

It’s explicitly created to give an open-back impact in the workshop, which makes it wonderful for songs manufacturers. It has just one choice for connection, which is a wired setting.

There’s a quarter-inch 6.35 mm sound adapter that runs into a 3.5 mm tool plug. For this 80 ohm variation, the length is 3 meters.

With a resistance of 80 ohms and also ultra-sensitive audio speakers, strengthened with high-fidelity workshop innovation, this version is very receptive and purifies noise as best as it can go. The sound quality is unbelievable.

The thick bass feeling is fantastic, and also information in beats is distinct with each note. No distortion or white noise is experienced at high degrees.

These headphones are fairly a bargain for recording in the studio.

It has quite an impressionable noise-canceling system, not necessarily an Energetic Noise Cancellation, but a higher than-passive activity coming from the closed-back effect.

So quite a quantity of ambient sound is deflected for you to enjoy your songs a lot more in harmony.

The design of this collection is an extremely comfy one, having ultra-soft velour-padded swiveling ear mugs, with the center of the steel-spring flexible headband thickly padded.

You can wear this item all day long, and you would not need to take it off. It’s dominantly plastic and very long-lasting.




10 Samson Technologies SR850



  • Brand: Samson
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Model Name: SASR850C
  • Form Factor: Over Ear
  • Drivers: 50mm
  • Magnet: Neodymium
  • Impedance: 32 Ω
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz – 30 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 98 dB at 1 kHz
  • Weight: 9.73 oz (276 g)

Samson Technologies SR850 is Professional studio Reference semi-open headphones designed for tracking, mixing, mastering, and playback.

They have a unique design that combines the best technology to reproduce the music with the best technology to reproduce the great sound of the room.

The SR850 delivers a very accurate, balanced frequency response with an extended low end. A semi-open design allows for accurate monitoring while still providing some isolation from outside noise.

This set of headphones is capable of reproducing the full frequency range from 10 Hz – 30 kHz with a sensitivity of 105 dB SPL.

The over-the-ear design and semi-open design provide a wide sweet spot to accurately reproduce a mix.

They offer you studio-grade sound quality and accurate acoustic response with an extended low-frequency range, so you can hear every detail of your mix.

This headphone is perfect for engineers who need an accurate headphone that will allow them to monitor their low-frequency material accurately.

The SR850 combines the sound of a high-quality studio monitor with the comfort of a consumer headphone, making it perfectly suited for long sessions in the studio.

The wide bandwidth of the SR850 allows you to monitor with perfect detail all of the instruments in your mix, allowing you to hear exactly what is going on in your music.

The SR850’s 50mm drivers are the largest in this price range. Each ear cups is equipped with two large-diameter neodymium magnets that deliver powerful, detailed audio.

Each driver features a copper-clad aluminum wire voice coil that provides precise control of the diaphragm, resulting in audio with well-defined bass, clear mids, and pristine highs.

The 3D Wing Support automatically adjusts to your head size for a comfortable fit.

The SR850 headphones are high-fidelity headphones with a large 50mm neodymium compression driver offering extended frequency response, low noise, and high dynamic range.

The SR850 has a wide frequency response range from 6Hz to 20 kHz, and is available in three dynamic levels: +48dB, +60dB, +80dB.

The SR850 has a low impedance of 32 ohms, making it suitable for any portable or desktop computer and portable device.

SR850 is a 50mm, low distortion headphone (Frequency response: 10Hz-50,000Hz; THD+N: ≤0.1% @ 100mW; Impulse response: 2ms-50ms) with Proprietary large 50mm drivers.

It features a new “D-sub” to VGA adapter that delivers a very wide range of input signal levels. It also features a new unique “Neodymium” magnet, which is far more powerful than traditional neodymium magnets.




11 AKG K 240 MK II – best closed back headphones under 200$


best open back headphones under 200


  • Brand: AKG Pro Audio
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Model Name: K240 MKII
  • Form Factor: Over Ear
  • Special Features: DJ-Style
  • Headphone type: semi-open
  • Sensitivity headphones: 104 dB SPL/V
  • Rated Impedance: 55 Ohms
  • Detachable cable: yes
  • Cable Length: 3 m
  • Ear pads replaceable: yes
  • Maximum input power: 200 mW

The AKG K240 MKII professional over-ear, semi-open earphones continue the success of their predecessor. They are a criterion in workshops, bands as well as on stages around the world.

The K240 MKII are handcrafted of fine materials and tuned for accuracy and neutrality.

The evolution of these classic studio headphones is a testament to over 60 years of experience and craftsmanship in AKG design.

The AKG K240 MKII specialist over-ear, semi-open headphones progressed 30 mm XXL transducers with Varimotion diaphragms supply a vast dynamic range, raised sensitivity, and also high noise degrees, while their semi-open layout gives the airiness of open earphones with the effective bass response of shut styles.

With excellent precision, artists, manufacturers as well as engineers rely on the AKG K240 MKII to plainly hear blending details, which has made these headphones a requirement in taping setups.

They are professionally developed semi-open earphones used for a long time in workshops, phases, and bands all over the globe.

Although the earphones are composed of average top quality material they still really feel durable and also resilient.

The wide frequency range (15 Hz 35 kHz) and high SPL capability (120 dB) make the K240 MkII suitable for every kind of modern music production.

The new headband design with ventilation channels provides new levels of comfort.

In addition to excellent audio quality, the earphones are very sturdy and comfortable.

They are available with 2 cables which are 3 meters and 5 M long and also quickly compatible. All the large fit yet they are remarkably lightweight to use in lengthy functioning hours.

The Comfort increases with far better top-quality ear pads which are softer than in the past. The overall audio efficiency is as smooth as all-natural




best Open back headphones under 200 – buying guide

Before buying the best headphone for yourself, there are some criteria that you should keep in mind. This section will highlight all those factors you need to think of before making your purchase.

The first thing to consider when buying headphones is the noise cancellation feature.

If you are buying headphones for outdoor activities such as cycling or jogging, you need noise cancellation.

This feature will block any sound from the environment, which can distract you from your exercise.

Then the 2nd thing most important thing is Budget, compatibility, durability, and style are some of the most important factors to look for when buying the best headphones.

They are the common factors that need to be kept in mind. These factors can make or break your purchase.

So, before you finalize your purchase make sure that you know what you are looking for and don’t set the bar too high.



Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is considered to be the best method for canceling noise. Noise cancellation headphones work on the principle of destructive interference.

When you play two frequencies in earphones that are equal in magnitude and opposite in phase, we get the resulting sound as zero.

The sound waves produced by noise cancellation headphones do not allow any sound to reach your ears and thus, they cancel out all the noise.

Noise cancellation and noise isolation both refer to the headphones’ ability to block out noise. But they do so in different ways.

Noise cancellation is the more popular of the two and features a built-in mic that measures and detects ambient noise. It then creates a frequency that is the exact opposite of this noise, effectively canceling it out.



Budget is the 2nd most important thing after the noise cancellation factor that comes to our mind before buying anything or purchasing the best open back headphones under 200.

The more expensive headphones will be, the more features they will offer. You can also check for your budget with the help of our headphone buying guide.

Volume And Playback Controls Here we review the best open-back headphones that have volume and playback controls.

You can play, pause and stop your music without having to touch your phone. You can also answer and disconnect calls using the inline remote and microphone.

There are several other features that you can enjoy with these headphones: noise cancellation, built-in microphones, and compatibility with most phones.

You can also pause your music, attend as well as disconnect calls, and change tracks. There are also headphones that come with a microphone so you can also answer calls conveniently.


Comfy headphones are necessary since you will be using them for an extended period of time. You can’t use a headphone that makes you feel irritated.

If you feel some pain, the best way to deal with it is to change the headphones. Sound quality is not the only thing that you should look for, comfortable headphones should be important regardless of any certain reason.


People who travel a lot prefer headphones that are portable and lightweight headphones . They don’t want sore ears after a long flight or when they’re on the road.

Headphones that are bulky and heavy are not preferred by such people. Besides, such headphones will take up a lot of storage space in your carry-on bags.

The most important factor to consider is the weight and size of the headphones. As headphones are worn on the head, the weight and size of the headphones will depend on the size of your head.

Hence, the size of the earphones is a crucial factor. For example, if you have a large head, the headphones may be too heavy for your ears.

if you are interested in both quality and size, consider using in-ear monitors (items). Besides the items being light, they also have better sound quality.

Items can work with earphones in your pocket, so you don’t need to carry around a pair of over ear headphones that will probably be heavier, and bulky.




Do the best open back headphones under 200 sound better?

Fans of open-backed headphones will certainly tell you that they seem significantly better than closed-back headphones.
As you might expect, the result is that music sounds much less “smothered” and also extra “clear.” Furthermore, open-backed headphones provide a far better sense of dynamics and stereo imaging than closed-back earphones.

Why Should I Buy The Open Back Headphones?

The open-back earphones have incredible audio high quality. Also, the open back earphones will certainly not pain the ears. Individuals can wear open back headphones for a very long time. Additionally, the best open back headphones under 200 have a comfy fitting, and also a lot of gamers like getting open back earphones.

Which Are The Best Open Back Headphones?

There are many open back headphones are available in the market but some of the best open back headphones under 200 are reviewed here in this post. Those are below.
Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X
Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR
Sennheiser HD 599
Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro

Are The Sennheiser Open Back Headphones under 200 Worth Buying?

You can purchase the Sennheiser HD 599 open back earphones. It has the next-level sound top quality and also the most elegant layout, as well as it has the most effective high-quality product.
Additionally, you will certainly have extraordinary E.A.R modern technology with these HD 599 headphones. Additionally, it has a lightweight product, and also you will have a velour ear cup. Beyond, it has an ear cushion headband, and you will have an exceptionally comfy suitable for longer listening and pc gaming sessions.



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