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11 best waterproof headphones for swimming [2023]



Whether you’re looking to get fit or are an avid swimmer or surfer, finding the best waterproof headphones for swimming and surfing on the water is a high priority for you.

The right pair of waterproof headphones will not only allow you to enjoy your favorite’s music or audiobooks while keeping out the water, but they will also allow you to take your workouts to the pool or the beach without worrying about damaging your favorites pair of waterproof headphone.

Today we will be comparing the best waterproof headphones for swimming and surfing on the water to help you find the best pair for your needs and budget.

We will also look at some of the latest innovations in waterproof headphones to see if they are worth buying.

I’m not the first to appreciate the music-to-swimming relationship. For years, athletes have been listening to music as they exercise, and plenty of scientific evidence has backed up that time-tested strategy.

I would have thought that I would never want to swim without music. But the best swimming headphone has arrived, and I can’t imagine going swimming without them.




If you’re looking for a set of headphones that will work both in and out of the water, then you should consider investing in a pair of over ear headphones.

Most over ear headphones are designed to provide high-quality audio when you’re listening to your favorite tracks on your phone or MP3 player, but they’re also designed to work well when you’re swimming laps or doing some other form of exercise.

They should also offer noise cancellation and better sound quality than earbuds, which are typically cheaper and offer less quality than headphones.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to choosing the best swimming headphones is figuring out what sound quality you actually need.

On one end of the spectrum are in-ear headphones, which offer the least amount of noise cancellation and isolation and provide the lowest sound quality.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in in ear headphones, as they’re a great option for when you want to keep your music personal and avoid the noise from the rest of the pool.

Most in ear headphones are designed to sit inside of your ear canal, so don’t expect to be able to wear them outside of the pool if that’s important to you.

The earbuds are designed to stay put, no matter your swim style.

Some are completely wireless headphone while others offer a combination of wires and Bluetooth for the best of both worlds.

Most waterproof earbuds come in a variety of sizes and shapes to ensure a secure fit, no matter your ear canal size.

The best swimming headphones are the ones that don’t require any connection to your phone.

They should also offer noise cancellation and better sound quality than earbuds, which are typically cheaper and offer less quality than headphones.

But don’t expect to hear the same audio quality you would with a good pair of over-ears, as the headphones are typically designed for the pool environment.



My Recommendation – Best waterproof headphones for swimming


Aftershocks Xtrainerz

The best swimming headphones will also allow you to listen to music and hear your surroundings without the fear of losing your phone or having it fall into the water.

The Xtrainerz are also one of the most comfortable headphones when you’re not in the water, which will allow you to enjoy your tunes from the pool without having to take them off.

The Aftershocks Xtrainerz are a great option for swimmers who like to wear their headphones outside of the pool as they’re completely wireless.

They’re also compatible with all of the best swim-headphones, so you can use them with your goggles or with the swim cap that comes with your goggles.


Swimbuds Sport

If you are a real music lover, you will definitely enjoy the Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphones, as they have an in-built microphone which is also used to take calls.

This, and the fact that they are comfortable and easy to use, make the Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphones a great choice.

They are designed to be used with your own personal music player.

It’s important to remember that when swimming, all of the best headphone you own will be ruined, so you’re better off getting some waterproof headphones that allow you to listen to music underwater as well.



Best waterproof headphones for swimming – (reviews)


1 Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphones – best waterproof headphones for swimming



  • Brand: Swimbuds
  • Color: White
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Model Name: Swimbuds Sport
  • Form Factor: In-Ear

Swimbuds is the newest version of the best waterproof headphones in the world.

This version is made with the latest and greatest waterproof technology to ensure that your headphones are 100% waterproof and perform better than ever.

It is also the most comfortable pair of waterproof earbud in the world. Built-in Comply tips give you the best fit and comfort in the water.

Swimbuds are designed to be a pair of waterproof earphones that you can use during workouts, in the pool, or when you’re just relaxing at the beach.

They also come with multiple sizes of ear tips, so they’re designed to fit comfortably in your ears.

in addition to being waterproof, they’re also sweatproof, so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged while you’re working out.

The first thing that you’ll notice about the body of the headphones is that it’s made out of a lightweight material called Polymer.

It’s similar to the material that’s used in the body of the iPhone. It’s durable, lightweight, and inexpensive to produce.

It also helps the headphones to be more comfortable to wear.

They’re great for securing the plug within your ears and keeping them in place.

They provide great noise isolation, so you can still hear what’s going on around you but others can’t hear what you’re listening to.

Swimbuds come in three different sizes of ear tips, so they’re designed to fit comfortably in your ears so you can wear them for long periods of time without any ear fatigue or discomfort.

The fin tips are my favorite, though – they keep the earphones in place while you’re swimming or working out, which is especially great if you’re using them to listen to music or take phone calls while you’re working out at a beach or pool party.

One of the biggest problems with underwater music players is that they don’t stay in your ears while you’re swimming.

Swimbuds has solved both problems, as their waterproof earphones are designed with a built-in silicone earpiece that can be attached to the Swimbuds and keep the device in place while swimming or surfing.

You can swim with these underwater headphones right around the pool and never take them out because they’re designed to stay in place while you’re swimming.”

Aggressive underwater activity can easily cause earbuds to fall out and get wet, muffling the sound from your headphones.




2 Sony NW WS413LM – best waterproof headphones for swimming



  • Color: Blue
  • Supported Standards: MP3
  • Media Type: MP3
  • Battery Life: 12 Hours
  • Form Factor: In-ear
  • IPX8 rating
  • waterproof MP3 player/headphone combo
  • Headband design


The Sony NW WS413LM, it’s clear that the company still knows a thing or two about making great personal audio.

The NWWS413LM is also sweatproof and dustproof, so you can train hard in all weather conditions and still have a great time listening to your tunes.

This is also a great choice for workouts, with a sweat-resistant design and the ability to withstand rain and snow.

It is available in black or white, so you can choose a color that best suits your style.

The sweat- and rain-resistant design makes the Sony NW WS413LM a great choice for athletes in all sports, and it’s also great for use in salt and fresh water up to two meters deep.

This is a great feature for runners and cyclists, for example, who often find themselves in noisy environments.

The ambient noise mode is a great feature to have, but it’s also a little bit of a gimmick.

These headphones offer 12 hours of nonstop playback on a single charge, and a quick 3-minute charge gives you a solid hour of music.

The headphones feature a flexible, premium-feeling headband that can be expanded and contracted to fit a variety of head sizes.

The ear cups rotate to allow for a better fit, and the earpads can be replaced with Sony-branded Comply Sport-series ear tips for even more customization.

If you’re in a hurry, you can get an incredible 36 minutes of playback for a full charge, making this one of the best devices for long commutes.

The built-in mic and controls allow you to take calls and control your music with just your voice, and you can pair multiple devices to the Sony Walkman for simultaneous playback.



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3 H2O Audio – best waterproof headphones for swimming



  • Brand: H2O Audio
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Model Name: Sports-Style
  • Form Factor: In-Ear


In 2006, H20 Audio founder Nick Soze and his wife, Maria, set out to create a line of headphones that would deliver superior sound quality.

Today, H20 Audio is a multi-million-dollar company with a loyal following of satisfied customers.

The brand is best known for its iconic Surf earbuds and innovative waterproof headphones.

The Surf earbuds are designed to withstand the harshest of conditions, including being submerged underwater.

This brand produces award-winning waterproof headphones that have been endorsed at various points by Michael Phelps, a famous Olympic swimmer who seems to be popular around the world.

H20 Audio’s goals when it began developing Surf earbuds was to make them comfortable, durable, and to make them waterproof.

H20’s most popular headphones are Surf, a pair of earbuds designed to be worn in the water, making them perfect for any sports activity.

The most common problem people suffer was a problem with water leaking inside. After a while, the headphones would get wet, and the earbuds would start to come out of the ear.

So h20 audio earbuds are the solution to that problem for those people who are surfing are taking competition underwater.

The ear tips are also designed to be sweat and water-resistant, so you can wear them during intense exercise or heavy-duty workouts and not have to worry about the bud falling out.

The H2O Audio Surge also comes with a 60-minute rechargeable battery, so you can listen for up to three hours on a single charge.

The battery gives you up to 24 hours of juice between charges, so you’ll never have to worry about the battery dying while you’re on the move.

The Surge headphones can be completely submerged underwater to a depth of 3.6m for up to 30 minutes.

The earbuds come with a carrying case and a Micro-USB charging cable.

You can take them out of the water, and charge them on land, so you never have to be caught without your favourite jams again.




4 Pyle MP3 Player Bluetooth Headphones – best waterproof headphones for swimming



  • Model Name: PSWP9BTBK
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: yes
  • IPX8 rating
  • Form Factor: In-ear
  • MP3 player/headphone combo
  • 8GB flash memory
  • Comes in black color
  • Designed for Swimming, Running


The Pyle waterproof MP3 Headphones with Mic is a great combination of design and functionality.

The earphones are sweat-resistant, which is ideal for sports and these are best waterproof headphones for swimming Bluetooth on land or in water.

They are designed with a flexible wrap-around style that is perfect for active lifestyles and this design makes it easy to wear them for hours.

The ear cups can also be rotated to make the most out of your workout, whether you are on land or in the water.

The headphones are also waterproof, so you can listen to your favorite music or take calls in the pool or on the beach without having to worry about damaging your equipment.

The headphones also feature a microphone so you can take calls and listen to your music without having to touch your phone.

The headphones also feature a 3.5mm audio jack for when you want better sound quality.

The built-in mic allows you to take calls and listen to music without taking the headphones off, and the built-in LED indicator lights to let you know when they are connected and when they are charging.

The Pyle Wireless are ideal for sports on land or in water and are available in a variety of fun colors.

Charge them via the included micro USB cable and enjoy hours of music on the go.

There are two sizes for swimming, which is convenient for the two ear tips, but this is not the most user-friendly. When you try to use the earpieces in the water, the two ear tips easily slip out of the ear.

The Pyle MP3 Player Bluetooth Headphone combo doesn’t work too well with Apple-supported file formats such as AAC and M4A.

If you decide to migrate songs from your iTunes service, make sure they are in MP3 format.

The Pyle headphones can also play music from your phone and other Bluetooth devices that are integrated mp3 player, but the sound quality is not as good as when listening to music from a service like iTunes or Spotify.



5 Aftershocks Xtrainerz – best waterproof headphones for swimming



  • Brand Aftershocks
  • Color Black Diamond
  • Connectivity Technology MP3
  • Item Weight 0.83 Pounds
  • Water Resistance Level Water Resistant


these are waterproof Bone conduction headphones use vibrations from your own bones to send sound to your ears, rather than the vibrations of air passing through a set of headphones.

In the past, these headphones have been bulky, uncomfortable, and awkward to wear.

But new designs have improved greatly on all of those factors, making them an exciting new option for in-ear listening.

The Aftershocks Xtrainerz Are the latest in this exciting new category of bone conduction headphones?

It is also one of the best-sounding models on the market today.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Aftershocks Xtrainerz Open Ear best Waterproof Headphone is just how tiny they are.

The ear cups are made from lightweight plastic, much lighter than metal or other materials, which makes them comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The ear cups are also completely open, which lets you hear the world around you while keeping the water out.

They’re barely bigger than a set of earbuds, and they’re completely closed back, so they don’t leak sound like other waterproof headphones.

The Xtrainerz are the latest in ear headphones to use bone conduction to deliver high-quality sound to your ears.

Unlike traditional headphones, which use air to transfer vibrations to your ear, bone conduction headphone uses vibrations transmitted through your own bones.

This means that the headphones work without inconveniently cranking up the volume, and because they’re lightweight, you can wear them for long periods of time without getting a headache.

The Xtrainerz are also designed to be comfortable, so you can wear them for long periods of time without feeling like your ears are going to burst.

They come in two sizes of inserts, one for standard-sized ears and one for larger ones.

The large insert should be comfortable for most people, even those with larger ears.

These headphones are allowing you to dive into water up to 2 meters deep for up to 2 hours at a time without having to worry about damaging your headphones.

The headphones are rated IP68, allowing you to wear them in water up to 2 meters deep for up to 2 hours at a time.

The headphones are also designed to fit comfortably even when worn for long periods of time.

The earbuds are secured in place by a pair of magnets, providing a secure fit even when they’re being worn while active.




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6 The Apple Airpods   Pro



  • Brand: Apple
  • Ear Placement: In Ear
  • Color : White
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Model Name: Apple AirPods Pro


Listed them as the Best Overall This worldwide known brand has been the best seller for ages and we buy any Apple product without a doubt of its quality. 

Apple’s AirPods are the first truly wireless headphone, allowing you to listen to your music anywhere without wires getting in the way.

They’re also rated to IPX4, making them great for sports and exercise. The apple swimming headphones come with two small silicone tips and three larger ones that are designed for more robust situations.

The smaller tips help to ensure a secure fit, while the larger ones help to provide passive noise isolation.

This makes them the ideal headphones to wear while working out, swimming, or performing other strenuous activities.

The tapered tips and vents inside the AirPods help to keep them secure in your ear while allowing them to provide maximum comfort

AirPods Pro are available in a variety of hues, including black, white, and midnight green.

These in-ear headphones come in three sizes of soft elastic silicone ear tips.

It comes in three sizes: big, medium, and tiny silicones, easily customize your fit. However, it is very light, making you feel as if nothing is in your ears.

It is a perfect fit for athletes because it’s Sweat and Water Resistant with an IP rating of IPX4. 

Dimensions of these headphones (each): 24.0 by 21.8 by 30 mm, together with Wireless Charging Case 45.2 by 21.7 by 60.6 mm making them pretty portable. 

The microphone is facing inwards and also has a motion detector.

To my bass lovers out there, due to the voice cancelling feature the voice sounds crispy with a low distortion speaker which reaches 20 Hz bass with a high range amplifier.

You use Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to Apple and other smart devices, the main feature is,  it has an active voice cancellation which you can multitask by using Siri at the same time. 

Battery life is up to 4.5 hours of active listening time and up to 3.5 hours of talking time with a single charge.







7 SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Live



  • Brand: Samsung Electronics
  • Ear Placement: In Ear
  • Color: Mystic Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Model Name: Galaxy Buds Live


Best Runner-Up for waterproof headphones swimming. It’s a very well-known brand across the world with its charming and glamorous designs that manage to attract its users in any way.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are an earbud pair with noise-cancelling technology.

This is something you’d expect to find in a pair of premium earbuds, but the Galaxy Buds Live are priced as a budget product.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Galaxy Buds Live is the design. They don’t look like regular earbuds.

You put the buds in your ears, and then you can hear the world around you. It’s just that the world sounds like it’s underwater, or muffled.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live comes in various dazzling shapes with glossy colors like Mystic Black, Mystic Bronze, Mystic Red, and Mystic White.  

Measuring 15.99 x 8.99 x 1 inch to fit in their charging case that matches the color with the buds.

This is where the galaxy buds come a bit short compared to AirPods pro, they are only rated IPx2 meaning they can barely withstand sweat and some water splashes. 

We clearly can see improvement on the bass compared to previous models, I can go as far as to say even one of the best bass in the industry.

You can be on and off the world within touch by reducing unnecessary background noises and experiencing more vivid and lively sounds when you listen to music.

Coming in with a powerful battery life that lasts up to 8 hours in single-use and together with Battery Charging Case it may last up to 29 hours.  

The thing is if you don’t have time to fully charge it you can leave them for 5 mins and it can be used for around 1 hour.

It’s pretty comfortable and adorable, isn’t it? Whoever is into aesthetics what are you waiting for?






8 JBL Endurance RUN



  • Brand: JBL
  • Color: Blue
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Model Name: JBL Endurance Run – Blue
  • Form Factor: In Ear


JBL a well-known name in the sound industry still doesn’t fail to impress us, JBL endurance RUN offers great comfortability and sound quality as really cheap headphones cords don’t tangle. 

The JBL Endurance RUN headphones are built to keep up with your workouts, no matter how intense.

The soft and flexible materials ensure these headphones will stay snug and secure, so you can focus on your workout and your music without distraction.

The JBL Endurance RUN headphones are sweat and water-resistant, so you can wear them during your most intense workouts without worrying about damaging them.

It has pretty small svelte ear tips that can easily be put in ears and it won’t hurt even after long hours as you keep them.

It’s precisely designed for sports by adding a sweatproof IPX5 rating.

Moreover, you can use it in-ear or behind your ear, and you won’t break or twist the wires.

Besides, it’s totally fine to use it when you work out, no worries it won’t fall.

It’s so secure and stable no matter what kind of sport you are doing, there’s no chance of falling.

Easily connected with wires these headphones come in three spare pairs of ear tips to fit any ear size.

I’m pleased by how clear and fluid it sounds, particularly for hiphop and rap music, but considering the budget, a small degree of distortion is tolerable.





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9 Jabra Elite 85t



  • Brand: Jabra
  • Color: Titanium Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Model Name: Elite 85t
  • Form Factor: In Ear


Listing them Best Value after succeeding with their 75T, Jabra comes out with the 85t which is trying to follow the same route of success as their predecessor.

Design-wise, the 85t comes with a titanium black finish, which is really well constructed. 

The Jabra Elite Sport is the ultimate wireless music and calls headphones.

They have cuttingedge Bluetooth® connectivity for strong wireless sound, as well as a stay-in ear design for a deeper, more engaging music experience than ever before.

Because the Elite 85t is small, sleek, and lightweight, you can wear them everywhere.

And with a battery that lasts up to 15 hours, you can listen to your favorite’s tracks nonstop.

Now you can listen to your favorite music and take calls, without having to worry about tangles or interference. Finally, freedom to listen to your music, calls, and workouts without wires.

It also has various-sized silicon ear tips that will help you pick the best size for your ears.

They are Ipx4 making them sweatproof and waterproof. But don’t go so far as to put them underwater, since they are made to survive only splashes of water.

What makes the Jabra elite stand out from the competition is the new three microphones it comes with, which I can’t lie it really helped me a lot on taking calls.

Also, the well-known ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) that the 75t already proved to us how great it is. But what’s good is that the 85T does even a better job blocking the sound than the 75T.

All I can say is one word they simply sound fantastic. Since it didn’t have much of a design update, it sure does sound-wise.  

Jabra employed a larger 12mm speaker in the 85T, giving it a great balanced soundstage with even deeper and punchy bass.

In general, the audio is heavy but warm, this results in very natural sounds and detailed and clear vocals.

Battery life is not something I can boast about, but it’s quite decent, managed to last me up to 5 hours and 23 min, which I think should be enough for the workout hours.




10 Soundcore by Anker Life



  • Fire: Soundcore
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Model name: A3939011
  • Form factor: In ear


A1 For the past few years, Anker Life has been producing budget-friendly headphones so, Soundcore is one of them. It surely makes difference among other affordable earphones.

It’s super cheap guys, of course, based on offered quality and style.

Noise cancelling earbuds are designed to block out background noise and improve your listening experience.

They’re especially useful on long flights and train rides when you need to shut out the background noise and focus on your music or movie.

Soundcore by Anker’s Life P3 earbuds are designed to provide the maximum noise cancellation possible in a compact package.

Using the best noise cancelling technology available in earbuds today, these earbuds are engineered to reduce background noise by up to 95% when turned on.

It’s made out of plastic to keep the weight down so you won’t get disturbed while moving.

It comes only with classic color black with in-ear placement and you have 5 ear tips to select which one fits you better.

They are IPX7 which is fully water-resistant so is usable in the rain, snow you can even take a quick shower.

Wireless technology and noise cancellation are also included.

What makes this headphone unique is that it is designed to be compatible with all types of devices Androids and iOS, don’t matter, so if you have Bluetooth you’re good to go.

When it comes to Sound-wise, you have the opportunity to switch between normal sounds to a new bass mode sound within 3 taps.

Battery life power is up to 9 hours with single-use and its charging case is 35 playtime hours which is perfectly fine to complete long walking hikes.




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  • Brand: Underwater Audio
  • Color White
  • Connectivity Technology Wired
  • Model Name Swimbuds Hydro Active
  • Form Factor In Ear


Whether you’re going for a dip in the sea or a swim in the pool, Hydro Active earbuds are the perfect choice for you.

You can even use them in the shower or bath to listen to your favorite music.

Whether you’re going for a dive in the sea or a swim in the pool, Hydro Active headphones are the perfect choice for you

The Hydro Active Bluetooth earbuds are extremely water-resistant and come with a range of earbuds, such as these silicone earbuds.

These headphones are suitable for swimming and can be used in the shower and bath to listen to your music.

The Hydro Active headphones are extremely waterproof and come with a range of earbuds, these headphones are also a top choice for running and working out.

These headphones are also great for surfing and may be used to listen to music in the shower or bath.

They can also withstand perspiration and rain. 

To meet your demands, the earbuds are available in a variety of sizes and styles.

The ridged style of the earbud tip securely fixes the earbuds onto the headphones and prevents water from getting inside.

The unique design also prevents the earbuds from falling off during vigorous activity.

The earbuds are also sweat-proof, which makes them suitable for use during exercise and water sports.




TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds – best wireless earbuds for swimming

The best headphone in the market. OZO T10 is a set of headphones that provides you with the best audio experience.

The best sound quality is only possible if the headphones are tuned to your exact hearing sensitivity.

This way, you get the best listening experience from your headphones.

I recommend putting them in your ear before you walk out the door since they are pretty large.


Tayogo IPX8 Waterproof Headphones – best Bluetooth swimming headphones

They are Bluetooth® headphones that you can wear while swimming, surfing or diving, so you can listen to your favorite music as well as take phone calls and respond to text messages. You can also store up to 2000 songs on the Tayogo W01 for endless music enjoyment.




My reviews on the Best waterproof headphones for swimming are intended to help you choose a good pair of waterproof headphones.

These can be very useful if you are going to be out in the ocean, or if you just want to hear the music in the background while you’re doing other stuff for the best waterproof earbuds 2022.

The majority of the reviews on waterproof headphones were about Bluetooth headphones.

Bluetooth headphone can be a great option for anyone who wants to listen to music while in the water, but it is important to take into consideration what features you are looking for.

Bluetooth headphones will most likely work fine for most people, but it is important to be sure that you will be able to hear the people around you for the best waterproof wireless earbuds and the water around you, especially if you are not a very good swimmer.




Which are the best waterproof headphones for swimming

Swimbuds flip Headphones
Sony NW-WS413LM
H20 Audio sonar
Pyle MP3 Player Bluetooth Headphones
Aftershocks Xtrainerz
TOZO T10 Bluetooth
plantronics backbeat
Tayogo IPX8 Waterproof Headphones

Can you swim with IPX8 headphones?

Yes you can swim with ipx8 headphones. Some IPX8 headphones can be used for swimming, which means that you can use them in water that’s 1 m deep.
In some cases, IPX8 rated headphones can be used even beyond 1 m of water, such as when wearing water goggles. For the purposes of this guide, we’ve only included swimming headphones that are IPX8 rated.


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