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Best wireless headphones under $200 | wireless gaming headsets



There are lots of best wireless headphones under 200 out there in the market. Each set comes with different price ranges and varying levels of performance, so if you’re looking to buy the best wireless headphones under 200 dollars or less, it’s best to make sure they match your standards in terms of quality and aesthetics.

Wireless headphones are a fantastic way to free yourself from the constraints of wires while simultaneously reducing any sort of chance for your anc headphones wire to get tangled up or broken.

Wireless headphones have many favorable qualities including being truly mobile, giving you the option of being transported anywhere you want but at the same time being able to carry on conversations without having to be tied down physically.

In this article, we’ll dive into the top 13 best wireless headphones under 200, which you can purchase with budget headphones. These selections have been hand-picked from popular headphones.



1        Astro Gaming A40 TR – best wireless headphones under 200


  •    Impedance: 48 Ω
  •   Weight: 360 grams without cable
  •   Wireless/Wired: Wire
  •  Connector: 3.5mm Mini-stereo and PC Splitte
  • Boom Mic: 6.0mm Uni-directiona


It helps alleviate stress from focusing on your favorite Xbox-based games by providing audio fidelity, comfort, and durability all at once.

The A40 TR features Game: Voice Balance technology, which works towards helping you identify audio cues. Whether you’re a professional gamer or a dedicated Xbox One lover, this headset captures your playful spirit and your zeal to challenge yourself through an innovative sound signature.

With audio quality, build quality, and comfort all being at the top end of the spectrum. As a result, if you’re a gamer who demands a lot from your hardware then you should seriously consider purchasing either this or another Astro Gaming model regardless of whether you stream games or not!

The full-spectrum frequency response produces tight, distortion-free bass for in-game battles. Crystal-clear mids and highs ensure that even the slightest in-game audio cues are heard so gamers never miss a critical moment in the game.

The A40 TR features a microphone that allows you to communicate with your teammates clearly. It features a noise-cancelling design that will let your voice stand out even amidst loud noises. Plus, it can simply be snapped off and placed to the side when not in use.

The microphone included with the A40 TR lets you clearly communicate with anyone you come into contact with while playing games.

The microphone features noise cancellation technology that isolates your voice so you can be heard loud and clear. It can even be detached so it’s in the best position for you at any given moment!



2       EPOS I SENNHEISER GSP 500 – best noise cancelling headphones



  • Brand: EPOS Gaming
  • Color: Black/Red
  • Connectivity Technology:Wired
  • Series: Gsp 500
  • Form Factor: Over Ear
  • Item Weight: 0.79 lbs
  • Impedance: 28 Ω
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 117 dB


You seek high-fidelity audio for your games. You will find yourself immersed in extremely natural, high sound quality with the GSP 500 open-back gaming headphone.

For superior audio control and team communication, you can adjust the volume via a wheel in the right ear cup.

The soft coated boom arm lifts to mute when not speaking while remaining flexible enough to aid in mic positioning during voice chat sessions.

The flexible headband provides optimized contact pressure while keeping your ears cool and improving sound reproduction with an open design allowing air to circulate freely.

The GSP 500 is an ultraportable, closed-cup headphone with an aviation-inspired split headband that delivers adjustable contact pressure on the head for extra durability. The 2-axis hinge gives total control of housing position to customize the fit on different head shapes.

The SENNHEISER GSP 500 makes it easier to enjoy high-quality surround sound with your PC, tablet, and phone. Due to its open acoustic design, you can play loud without disturbing anyone.

It is ideal for gamers who play in quiet environments such as the bedroom, the open acoustic design also keeps your ears cool during long gaming sessions.

These headphones are designed for anti-noise cancellation, the flexible boom arm of the GSP 500 allows you to adjust the positioning of the microphone for the best voice pick-up.

The microphone automatically mutes when you raise the boom arm. Keep game chat in the game and your personal life private.

This gaming headset is versatile for use on PC, consoles, Macs, and even low power devices like laptops! It includes cables to ensure you can be connected with whatever device is convenient.

With the included 3.5mm adapter, several of our tech-savvy friends will be able to easily test this headset on their devices!



3 Poly Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 – best wireless headhpones under 200



  •         Brand: Poly (Plantronics + Polycom)
  •         Ear Placement: Over Ear
  •         Color: Black and Tan
  •         Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  •         Model Name: Plantronics
  •         Item Weight: 0.63 lbs
  •         Special Features: Sports & Exercise

Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 headset is the perfect audio companion whether you’re streaming tunes, watching movies, or just being more productive.

This premium wireless headphone delivers deep powerful bass, crisp highs, and natural-sounding mid-tones that let you hear your music like never before.

This headset not only delivers high-quality stereo sound but also lets you enjoy it without having to be tangled in wires.

Equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC pairing, it suggests simple one-touch connectivity from your phone or tablet to play music, take calls or use for virtual assistant applications.

Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 will change the way you enjoy music, movies, and calls. With a 24-hour battery life for all-day enjoyment on a single charge. And the best part is that it connects to two devices at once and easily switch between them as needed from concentration to conversation On Demand.

These headphones combine premium audio with outstanding Noise Canceling technology to help you to focus on your music, calls, and videos in full comfort.



4 SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro – best wireless headphones under 200


best wireless headphones under 200


  •         Brand: Samsung Electronics
  •         Ear Placement: In Ear
  •         Color: Phantom Black
  •         Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  •         Model Name: Galaxy Buds Pro
  •         ambient sound: up to +20db
  •         acitve noise cancellation: yes


Galaxy Buds Pro is designed to be the most immersive earbuds yet. They deliver powerful studio sound and crystal-clear call quality with their ergonomic design that fits right in your ears.

The ambient sound mode lets you open up your world by letting in sounds that matter most.

With Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, you can expect the best sound quality for your music. The earbuds feature a hybrid driver providing balanced sound and powerful bass, so you can immerse yourself in the music around you.

They also deliver clear voice quality for taking calls, which means that you will be able to hear and understand people on the other end of the line clearly – even in noisy environments.

No matter where you are, be connected. And we mean everywhere! Whether you’re taking that virtual meeting or catching up with a friend; we want you to stay plugged in and ready to go because our new design has been optimized so your voice comes through loud and clear without the background noise!

Keep music playing; Introduce charging earbuds with adjustable fit and a wireless charging case so you can rock out for hours without having to stop!

One less thing to worry about because your earbuds charge wirelessly simply by placing them on the back of your compatible Galaxy phone.

Features require a Bluetooth connection to a compatible device. The Galaxy Wearables app is available from Google Play or Samsung Galaxy Apps only on Androids running Android 7.0 or higher and 1.5GB RAM or above, as well as iOS devices running iOS 9.0 or higher and 512MB RAM or above, through the Google Play Store and Samsung Galaxy Apps respectively.



5 Beyerdynamic Custom Pro One – best headphones under 200



  • brand: Beyerdynamic
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Model Name: Custom One
  • Form Factor: Over Ear
  • Frequency response: 10 – 24,000 Hz
  • impedance: 16 ohms.

The Beyerdynamic custom one pros are really likable headphones and they’re actually a great introductory set of headphones to anyone who’s getting their first nice pair.

I would say that pretty much all of it is likable I’d say it’s very comfortable they actually sound pretty good and actually really good-looking headphones for once a lot of these headphones aren’t the best looking but you can actually customize the actual side plates to get a different sort of pattern or color look.

if you want so those are nice and the real custom feature that sticks out about the custom one pros is the tunable bass port so if you’re used to a more bass-heavy booming sound you can open up the bass port on the bottom of the headphones and get that time of sound.

if you don’t like all that basing you want a more high end mid friendly sound you can close up the bass port and get that sound too so that’s pretty much the only pair of headphones that I recommend that actually has this feature and it’s definitely best wireless headphones under 200 bucks which are really nice.



6 Grado SR80i – best active noise cancellation


The grotto SR 80 are the perfect introductory pair of headphones for an open-back design a lot of the headphones you see out there most of them probably 90% are closed-back headphones and that’s by design a lot of them.

These open-back headphones are designed more for studio use they leak a lot more obvious but they give you that room sound it’s very cool that we get to hear the instruments as if they’re literally positioned around the room with you it’s almost like you’re sitting next to the artist that’s singing it’s really cool and you can just snap along the beat and you hear yourself snapping just find something.

you can’t hear and noise-canceling or close-back prayer headphones so the SR ad is are a great introductory pair of headphones for the open back headphones design and I’d recommend them at their price they’re really good.



7 V-Moda Crossfade LP – best wireless headphones under 200



  •        Brand: V-MODA
  •        Color: Gunmetal
  •        Connectivity Technology: Wired
  •        Model Name: Crossfade LP
  •        Form Factor: Over Ear

v-moda crossfade LPS now these are already a very popular pair of headphones a lot of people already love them if you check out the reviews you’ll see they’re pretty much all glowingly positive.

what’s nice about these is first of all they come in a bunch of different colors there’s a black as a silver there’s a while there’s an I think a purple version as well there’ a bunch of different ways you can get this done and what’s also nice is these are a very comfortable pair of headphones.

so you’ll see again with all the very popular reviews about this that these are really comfortable easy to get used to nice to put on doesn’t weigh too much so it doesn’t clamp your ears down for too long.

they’re very nice headphones and they’re very popular so if you ask anyone who’s used these headphones what they think about them they’ll probably recommend the minutes on a heartbeat over anything else they’ve tried there is also now a version 2 of the crossfade LPS and I haven’t listened to them yet so I can’t really determine if it’s just another version just to make more money for them.



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8 Jaybird Blue buds X – best wireless headphones under 200$


Jaybird blue buds X I cannot get enough of these headphones first of all you can get either a black or a white design

there are completely wireless earbuds they’re wireless you can put them on they can basically hook around the back of your neck plug them in and you’re good to go and they connect to your device via Bluetooth.

so your iPod your mp3 player your phone turn on Bluetooth pair it up and you’re getting high-quality music immediately what’s nice about these is they’re wireless so you wouldn’t expect them to last that long on battery.

as you can see you can’t even tell where the battery is honestly to be honest the battery is actually in one of the earbuds here but these last seven eight nine hours on a single charge and actually charged by just opening up the back here and plugging it in via a USB.

they’re really well built they last a long time on a charge and they sound phenomenal they sound incredible.

I don’t really ever leave the house without these like any time I’m walking to the train walking to class walking back from the train.

I always have the blue buds ex they’re just that convenient they’re small compact portable can’t really ask for much else they also come with a lot of accessories where you can put them in your ear and they will basically never fall out so you can run around.

I can’t actually hear myself not because they sell so well but they never fall out of your ear you can run around with them like I do you can practice with them on I love these.

I would recommend everyone at least have some pair of wireless headphones it’s one of those things where once you get wireless earbuds.

you never really want to go back and this is such a good experience that I recommend these in a heartbeat try them at least they’re incredible.

they’re also the only pair of headphones on this list that you can wear with Google glass though I wouldn’t recommend it because they’ll go out looking a little bit like a cyborg with all this stuff on your head honestly, it’s possible and I can’t say that about any of the other pairs of headphones.



9 Corsair HS70 Pro – best wireless headphones under 200$



  •         Brand Corsair
  •        Color Carbon
  •         Connectivity Technology Wireless
  •         Model Name HS70 PRO Wireless Carbon
  •        Form Factor On Ear
  •         Frequency Response:20Hz – 20 kHz
  •         Impedance: 32 Ohms

The corsair hs70 pro likewise referred to as the very best worth wireless video gaming headset that can be located on the marketplace in 2021.

This is a pair of excellent 7.1 wireless video gaming headphones this version makes use of a set of improved chauffeurs to attain better audio top quality.

The sound quality of the microphone has also been improved in addition to the pad cover the frequency response is from 20 hertz to 20 000 hertz with a sensitivity of 111 decibels and also a resistance of 32 ohms measured at 1 000 hertz.

The tool features 50 mm neodymium actuators with a variety approximately 40 feet the microphone is one way as well as has a noise cancellation system while the ear paddings on both sides have memory foam and a soft coating.

the fundamental framework of the headphones is made from aluminum to make them as light as feasible and also it contains the headphone cable televisions to readjust the height.

We have nine different settings on each side where we can use them without any issues even if we have a bigger head there are 4 components in the left hand set a microphone port a micro usb billing connector a microphone mute switch as well as a quantity control wheel.

The sound quality is outstanding especially for this rate as quickly as you place these on the very initial sound you hear will likely leave you amazed since these young puppies supply incredible power and also accuracy the rest of the sounds are additionally completely listened to with the music throughout gaming.

You can perfectly identify where whatever originates from despite whether the sound resource comes from the side or from above or from below the treble and also mid sonic degrees match perfectly appearing clear and also spectacular when it comes to the battery corsair mentions that it lasts 16 hours which is one more benefit that players like for the retail price you can not beat this set if battery life is your crucial priority.



10 Sennheiser GSP 370 – best wired headphone



  •     Brand: EPOS Gaming
  •    Ear Placement: Over Ear
  •    Color: Black 
  •    Connectivity Technology: Wireless, Wired
  •    Series: GSP 370
  • Item Weight: 1.37 lbs

the Sennheiser gsp 370s are the headphones you’ve been looking for with a monstrous 100 hrs of battery fee you can ignore billing for a couple of weeks as a result this fella rather rightly took the title of the most effective battery life.

cordless pc gaming wireless headset offered on the marketplace in 2021 initially glance the Sennheiser gsp 370 stimulates a revamped appearance influenced by the industrial posh design the headphones have a padded open headband a large bulky microphone on the cup of the left ear as well as come with a black plastic case.

with rounded corners there is a power switch on the left ear mug with a beneficial additional feature at the touch of a button the device switches on while the 2nd press shows how much battery juice the gadget has available dark eco-friendly for a complete charge after that light environment-friendly yellow orange as well as red when the battery is empty offering that it’s not just about the battery life.

this set of earphones offer great convenience during longer pc gaming sessions the Sennheiser gsp 370 collaborates with mac computer and PlayStation 4 systems note that it does not deal with xbox one if you utilize it with a computer system running home windows 10 you can change the headset setups utilizing the Sennheiser pc gaming collection software program.

you’ll additionally be able to switch over from stereo to 7.1 channel simulated sound readjust the audio equilibrium with a 5-band equalizer and also turn on different microphone functions such as noise cancellation as well as a loud amplifier thanks to Sennheiser’s unparalleled knowledge in the field the earphones will deliver among one of the most fantastic experiences when playing initial individual shooter video games or survival horror games in auto racing or rally video games.




11 HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Wireless 7.1



  •         Brand: HyperX
  •         Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  •        Series: Cloud Stinger Core Wireless 7.1
  •        Form Factor: Over Ear
  •        Cable Feature: Without Cable, Retractable
  •        Driver: 40mm
  •        Connection: Wireless 2.4Ghz
  •        Audio Controls: Onboard

If you were wanting to pay the lowest feasible price that will still obtain you a strong product we state look no more than the hyperx cloud stinger core cordless 7.1.

The very best budget cordless gaming headset offered on the market in 2021. This is the cheapest gaming headset that supplies cordless connection and also 7.1 surround sound. it sports a minimalist basic straight style that is not strained with decorations ornaments do not mean ergonomics as well as when we wish to be comfortable aesthetic appeals are not really crucial.

the appearances are easy but highly ergonomic with a weight of only 1.15 extra pounds supplying an outstanding feeling of lightness. the headband is certainly flexible as well as is made from mild steel which allows you to handle the safety helmet comfortably as well as without too much risk since the width is quite big and all of this on the budget.

in regards to capability we discover the 7.1 surround noise and also just a solitary volume button as well as a power button on the left ear mug the microphone is quite helpful the stem is pliable flexible to make sure that its setting before the mouth can be specifically adjusted as soon as increased the microphone goes into quiet mode once more an useful little addition for its component the wireless connection is using a usb crucial providing a variety of 40 feet.

it should be kept in mind that these earphones just feature a usbc cord made use of for billing just which is no longer than 20 inches yet all in all billing is particularly fast using usbc and the freedom of 17 hours is sufficient for most video gaming sessions for the market price.

The roar of the engine is plainly listened to with a energetic as well as large sonic output moreover weapon as well as rifle shots in video games like borderlands 3 audio powerful and also have sufficient bass depth to add weight as kept in mind among one of the most striking facets of the earphones is its battery.

Sennheiser’s little pledge of a 100 hr cost is not an overestimation if you generally play a couple of hrs a day you would only need to bill the Sennheiser gsp 370 every 20 days and that’s just fantastic good.


12 Razer Nari Ultimate – best wireless headphones under 200



  •       Brand: Razer
  •      Color: Classic Black
  •      Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  •      Series: Nari Ultimate
  •      Form Factor: Over Ear
  •      Driver Size: 50mm
  •      Microphone: Retractable
  •      Audio Controls: On-Headset

the razer nari utmost also known as the very best experience cordless pc gaming headset that can be discovered in best wireless headphones under $200 on the marketplace in 2021.

the razer nari supreme is the top version of cordless headphones from the popular pc gaming brand razer it is unquestionably the reference tool on the market with 50 mm neodymium audio speakers that will permit us to get impressive quality digital surround noise.

with thanks to spatial audio and also razer hyper sense modern technology specifically in the bass division this set is a self-adjusting headband as well as cooling pads with gel that will enable us to wear it for hrs without really feeling tired when we open package left wing is the section for the usb cord for charging the earphones and also a wire for the analog connection of the equipment.

with the 3.5 millimeter port the building of the headphones is based upon plastic and steel both in the headband and in some audio speaker elements the entire set has metallic and black gray which provides it a rather exceptional as well as superb look the headband is self-adjusting and also has a dual bridge so we won’t have problems with practically any type of head dimension inside the dome.

there are 30 mv audio speakers constructed of neodymium magnets and also a diaphragm dimension of 50 mm these puppies deliver a genuinely exceptional excellent audio with effective basses and also great depth whatsoever radio frequencies other notable functions include a response regularity in between 20 hertz and 20 000 hertz the insusceptibility of 32 ohms at one kilohertz as well as the level of sensitivity as much as 107 decibels.

now we pertain to the part where we speak about the razar nari utmost microphone it’s a one-way mic with a frequency response in between 100 and 6 500 hertz a sensitivity of 42 decibels and a signal-to-noise proportion of over 50 decibels the battery life is satisfying clocking in at 11 and also a half hrs with triggered illumination as well as a complete cost cycle with the razer hypersense modern technology offered just in the best variation of these young puppies.

you will obtain actual electric motors that collaborating with the speakers will send resonances to our ears so that you can physically feel those deep sounds like explosions in combat both in games as well as in multimedia material moreover the bass performance is magnificent they absolutely provide a terrific depth of audio.




13 SteelSeries Arctis 7X – best wireless headphones under 200


best wireless headphones under 200


  •    Brand: SteelSeries
  •    Color: Black
  •    Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  •    Series: B07FZVXS8H  
  •    Form Factor: On Ear
  •    battery life: up to 24 hours
  •    Item Weight:0.78 lbs


finally, we have gotten to the gold medal as well as the total finest wireless pc gaming headset that can be located on the marketplace in 2021 and the winner is the steel collection Arctis 7x the appearance in addition to the design of the arc to 7x is practically identical from the basic Arctis 7 model which is really in all because they are among one of the most comfortable earphones.

we have had the possibility to take a look at the main point is a strip of product used on ski goggles it is wrapped two times around the steel part of the headband as well as lastly connected with the sort of Velcro tape this enables some tension adjustment as well as makes it less complicated to find the most comfortable position for gamers with both larger and also smaller sized heads also during those marathon pc gaming sessions.

you really won’t feel them on your head also during longer video gaming sessions the device additionally makes use of a set of very comfy pillows constructed from soft material which are really the peak of comfort on the market today one more crucial feature of these headphones is the method it attaches to a console computer or various other gadgets.

With the typical Arctis 7 headphones, we had a special receiver that connects to the computer’s USB port yet a far better principle is applied right here the one we saw on the Arctis 1 wireless model so it’s one like a small dongle that attaches to a USB-C port as well as if you wish to connect them to an Xbox collection x console or a pc with the USB port simply dive right in an additional benefit is that you can link the arc to 7x quickly to any type of gadget with a cord through a three as well as a half-millimeter adapter.

in regards to sound high quality, the Arctis 7x corresponds to the Arctis 7 which in practice suggests that the audio is nothing except extraordinary thanks to the 40-millimeter drivers the audio is border type where the Xbox individuals can delight in the supposed chat mix wheel where you can identify during the video game.

how much you wish to hear the impacts of the video game as well as just how much your colleagues tell you there’s additionally a discord accredited clear cast microphone that will certainly get rid of unwanted sounds from the outdoors so your voice will certainly sound all-natural and clear the battery life is about 24 hours which should be sufficient for those longer video gaming sessions this fella supplies premium top quality at the best feasible cost quality proportion.



Important factors for best Wireless Headphone under 200?

Wireless headphones are the future, but what makes a great wireless headphone? We’ll outline the factors you need to consider to make your purchasing decision.

The best wireless headphones are the ones that are the most comfortable to wear, don’t need charging, have a long battery life, have a great sound quality, are durable, and have an affordable price. Here are the top 13 wireless headphones under 200 available on the market today.


A good pair of headphones should be comfortable. If you need to wear headphones for a long period of time, you should be able to wear them without experiencing any pain.

One great feature of the wireless headphones is that they come with a Comfort Adjustment System that allows you to adjust them to your head size and shape for ultimate comfort. The headphones also come with three different ear cup sizes.

Battery life

Battery life is one of the biggest issues with wireless headphones. Since wireless transmission requires power, wireless headphones will require batteries.

Some companies have experimented with a hybrid design, where a small part of the headphone is wired but the bulk of the headphone is wireless. So far, these designs haven’t solved the problem of battery life, which remains a significant issue for wireless headphones under 200.

Wireless Specification

The wireless capabilities of the headphones are one of the most controversial and hotly debated aspects of the design.

The headphones appear to use a standard Bluetooth protocol, but some have speculated that they use some sort of proprietary wireless technology. It’s important to note that the term Bluetooth is used to describe the protocol and the brand name of the wireless system that pairs devices together. The underlying technology is a wireless system that transmits data over short distances using radio frequencies.

Noise cancellation

Noise-canceling is important because it reduces the outside noise to allow you to hear your music better. Some headphones are able to cancel noise by using special circuitry, others are able to block noise by using special materials. The Bose QuietComfort headphones are able to reduce noise by using circuitry.




If you are searching for the best wireless headphones under 200, then you are at the right place. We have compiled a list of the 13 best wireless headphones under 200 available for less than $200. We have made this list by keeping different types of budgets in mind so that everyone can find something within their budget. So without wasting any more time, let’s have a look at the list.



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