Bose QuietComfort Earbuds review

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are a well-known name for those who have used different voice-cancellation earbuds. It is because these earbuds have a significant impact on all their users. Moreover, many Bose QuietComfort earbuds review proves this.


  1. Excellent active noise canceling
  2. Rich, warm-quality sound
  3. ANC and transparency mode combine (2 in 1)
  4. Top-notch microphones for use with digital assistants and calls
  5. Quick ability to get connected


  1. One negative is the battery life.
  2. Huge and heavy

If you want to know about Bose QuietComfort Earbuds in just one line, you must know that these earbuds are just like Bose 700 wireless earbuds. Moreover, these earbuds (Bose 700) are very effective and have all the qualities you need in a voice cancellation earbud. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are just like these impressive ones (Boss 700).

So, Boss QC earbuds are among the best ones to cancel the noise. In addition, these earbuds can compete with any costly and impressive earbuds, such as Bose 700. Their prices remain high, even after some months of their release. You should read our Bose QuietComfort earbuds review if you want to know about the price of these earbuds. Stay active on our blog if you want to keep yourself acknowledged with all trending earbuds and their prices.

Price And Availability


These earbuds are available on many online platforms, such as amazon and other retailers.

The price of these earbuds is almost 279 US dollars. Rather than amazon, other these earbuds providers also have a price difference, and they also share some coupon codes for their audience. This way, they provide some discount to their audience and develop a relationship of trust and faith with them.

You must go and check our coupon code (we also provide these earbuds) to get your desired discount and take these beautiful earbuds in your hands.



From their first day, it is seen in their products that Bose is trying to make them beautiful and stylish according to modern times. Instead, their styles do not engage a high audience and look like average earbuds, but no one can refuse with quality of their material.

They use premium composite plastic to develop these earbuds. This is the same material that the company used to build previous sporty wireless earbuds. For example, the SoundSport Free earbuds are well-built and have high durability. They also provide an impressive final touch by giving it a dark finish. It is most beautiful because this shady area shines when coming before the sun.

The QuietComfort Earbuds are not a mainly secretly made model to wear in terms of their size. They are more petite and almost the same length as the Sony WF-1000XM3.

The Boss company always tries to make some changes in almost all new modern models. They do that because these changes will make their models more comfortable and easy to use. For example, the sound port of these earbuds contains an IR sensor which comes in black. Moreover, in a briefing last year, we saw that the earbuds like Bose 500 or just like them contain a mic in front, but now they change it by applying the mic at the bottom side, which is quite helpful for users.

Before these earbuds, I considered that Sony and JBL had the authority to provide vast heavy charging cases. However, this model of Boss shows that they also can provide this kind of charging case. The charging case of QuietComfort earbuds is quite heavy and oversized. In weight, it is almost 2.7 ounces heavy, and for size calculation, these metrics are right at 3.5 x 2 x 1.3 inches. There this change makes these earbuds challenging to carry during traveling.

The charging case makes its functionality a little tricky, but by setting a Bluetooth button under its charging case, the company satisfies its customers. Earbuds users always welcome this kind of feature. This way, they can easily connect them with Bluetooth without hassle. The front release button is also a great feature. It helps the user by making it easy to open the front lid. Moreover, it will stylishly represent buds.

Comfortable And Easy To Use


The previous Boss product (SoundSport Free) reviews show that they are very comfortable and easy to use for users. It does not matter if they exercise or use them casually, but some Boss QuietComfort earbuds reviews said these buds are not helpful for everyday listening. After all these reviews, few changes occurred in these earbuds (QuietComfort). Some may use them for 2 hours but, like me, will use them for just 45 min. It is necessary for better ear health, and I am not recommending that. You can use them according to your viewpoint.

Positively, these earbuds provide a unique fit for users. Bose is passionate about their products. So, they provide an extra feature in this earbud by providing some extra ear fins according to different ear shapes. Now, you can share your buds with your family members or friends with different ear shapes. Moreover, their ear tips are made of StayHeer Max silicon, giving the buds an excellent grip on the ears. So, you do not need to hesitate while jogging or during fast running.

Digital Assistant And Controls


A touch control panel makes it easy for the user to control the buds. They can quickly provide them commands, but the unavailability of single or triple touch also makes users use it some limits. It feels like you lost an opportunity to do something valuable.

Right-side control buttons are valuable for managing the buds and the playback system. You can use it to play or pause your buds. It also has control to make answers for calls coming and ending. They can end the call with the help of a digital assistant also. In comparison, the left side bud is valuable for tracking the battery level.

Despite all this, when you get off these earbuds, they will automatically sleep down, and when you put them on again, they will automatically resume the music or what either of you was listening to.

Almost all earbuds developed by Boos have a strong track record. They do that due to the use of a digital assistant. QuietComfort earbuds are also from Boss company and have the same feature. More, the mic array of Bose provides the best quality speech recognization service. They pick every sound and phrase this way; they become very easily recognizable.

Siri works very efficiently with their digital assistant, which provides a surprising result. I am surprised because while I use other earbuds on my MacBook Pro, it does not provide the same result. Additionally, it can work on Bixby while using Samsung and work on Cortona while using Microsoft. This digital assistant feature is derived from a smartphone.

Active Noise Cancellation Levels


You are foolish if you believe Bose kept us waiting three years for something less than outstanding noise cancellation. The QuietComfort Earbuds are very impressive and easily able to cancel the voice. These buds provide users different levels to maintain active noise cancellation (ANC). This way, they can control the voice cancellation level according to their taste. It looks like the same feature Boss 700 possesses.

These settings are fantastic. You can use them while doing office work or streaming your youtube videos. There you must use the highest level (10) of them. These settings will stop almost all kinds of voices in this frequency spectrum. I checked its settings many times to check the ability of these earbuds.

If you want complete silence during office hours or when streaming YouTube videos, keep the buds at max level (10). This setting does a phenomenal job of blocking out ambient sounds across the frequency spectrum. I tested the technology in multiple settings to understand its noise-neutralizing capabilities. I did it when there were high traffic noises, and construction work was happening. Despite them, the noises of my sisters and brothers also have an excellent frequency, but I made my Spotify listing without facing any disturbance.

The level of ANC directly affects the noise cancellation capacity. If you set the ANC level down to 5, it will not work efficiently. Upper than 5 levels, it will work more efficiently and will be able to minimize high-frequency background sounds. When using it at this level, I was disturbed by some high-frequency noise, but these still could not wholly disturb me. The earbuds work well and help me so much.

Charging Case And Battery Life


Usually, the earbuds made by Bose company have a battery time of 6 hours. Using it in heavy jobs, such as while streaming or factoring active voice cancellation, will serve you for 5.5 hours. For a wireless type earbud, it is a reasonable battery time. Moreover, the battery time of 6 hours is more than AirPods Pro, which has a battery time of just 4.5 hours. In addition, you can enhance the battery’s performance by switching off both ANC and transparency modes. The charging speed of this is also excellent. After charging for 15 minutes, you can use these buds for almost 2 hours, proven by many Boss QuietComfort earbuds reviews.

When it comes to the case of Bose QuietComfort earbuds, the majority think that which case is more significant and will have excellent battery time. No, not. But in the case of Bose, the charging case is smaller than AirPods Pro, but it has a reasonable charging time (almost 18 hours) compared to it, which has a battery time (almost 24 to 29 hours). It is all right; keeping it yourself while traveling is also good.

More significant dimensions equate to more battery life, right? Nope. Bose’s charging case holds up to 18 hours fully charged. By comparison, that’s shorter than the AirPods Pro charging case for playtime (24 hours) and extra charges (5). It’s a decent amount of portable power, just an encumbering carry.

Another best thing about Bose charging case is that they also support wireless chargers. You can charge them with the help of Qi-certified wireless chargers.

Call Quality And Connectivity


Many Bose QuietComfort reviews show that these earbuds are among the best to make conversions. While chatting with my clients using these earbuds, they pleased me with my clear sound. All this was due to these earbuds. Moreover, when I made calls with my wife, she could not guess my surroundings. The purpose of telling these scenarios to you is that these are very beneficial types of buds. Do not use them for a long debate. In my Bose QuietComfort review, it is made to do shorter meetings or speeches.

Final Verdict


At the end of our Boss QuietComfort review, we conclude that Boss company made a masterpiece product to provide users best voice cancellation experience. Boss 700 is considered the best voice-canceling earbud, but QuiteComfort buds are also unique regarding voice-canceling ability. It will enable you to make unique and extra sound-free audio and video calls. In this way, you will only listen to the sound of your ear without any interrupting voice.

All after the positive side, they are also limited in some ways. Keeping them attached to your ears while traveling will be easy due to their healthy grip. Moreover, their size is enormous, and they will possess the most space in your pocket. Moreover, more than its battery timing is needed. You will feel to get more charging time while using it. Further, when you work on ANC, it will consume your battery fastly. This way, your battery will drain faster as compared to expected.

We could also keep mentioning the luxury price point for debate, but let’s be honest. Those who have purchased Bose headphones are already aware of what they are spending their money on unparalleled noise cancellation and excellent overall performance. And that’s an accurate wireless summary of the QuietComfort Earbuds.


The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are best suited for whom?

The QuietComfort Earbuds are recommended for travelers and those who commute. It is because they have excellent active noise cancellation. However, you don’t have to go to an office to benefit significantly from these earbuds. The ANC will also be enjoyable for remote workers, who can use the earbuds for conference calls. Additionally, those who are okay with paying a little bit more for a well-known brand will value the convenience and reliability of these earbuds.

The Bose QC Earbuds have Google Assistant built-in, right?

The Bose QC Earbuds are set up to use the built-in intelligent assistant on your smartphone rather than Google Assistant, which they do not support. The QuietComfort Earbuds use Siri if you have an iPhone, while Samsung uses Bixby.


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