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How to listen to music while swimming | 3 Best Methods

listen to music while swimming

Are you liked swimming for a long time? And then later sometime you will get tired of swimming without any music. If yes then I will tell you the 3 best ways how to listen to music while swimming.

How to listen to music while swimming with your preferred music without any intrusive. And this is the best way from which you can remove your boring time while swimming. Swimming with lyrics can be fun. You can also swim underwater.

But how it is possible? You must want to know about that method. So that’s why I am here to tell you should know about how to listen to music while swimming. You might even consider doing this while swimming. But water and electronic devices don’t mix well more often than they should.

Special thanks to the internet using the internet listening to music while you swim, is very possible. With the multitude of devices on the market, music can be your constant companion while you’re out for a swim. Music can help you relax, enjoy swimming, and even make it more enjoyable if you are training for a competition.

Although swimming can be an enjoyable recreational activity, it is not easy to master. It can feel overwhelming if you are training for it. This article will cover the various devices that you can use to listen to your favorite music while you swim.

You know how to listen to music while swimming, or you would have tried it at one time or another if you are an avid swimmer. It is a very important way to relax and enjoy the water. But, did you know that it may also help you keep your heart rate down and improve your body’s resistance to possible heart attacks?

Relaxation is very vital for whole health and physical fitness. When you are swimming the effects of that relaxation can increase 2 times. You should not worry about the most earbuds today come with built-in speakers that output a variety of sounds and beats.

This will make it easier for you to relax and focus when you are swimming in your course. When you are swimming, you need to remember that it is not about simply listening to music when you need to calm down.

The types of music will vary depending on the event or competition you are attending. For example, rock concerts will feature songs from popular artists. You will be allowed to listen to them, but you would not necessarily want to plan a swim workout around them. Instead, you would want to pick some relaxing music that you would not mind listening to.

Music can help you stay focused and relaxed in those conditions. You won’t get hurt by the sounds around you. When you are learning how to listen to music while swimming, you will also need to know what types of music will be appropriate.

It will depend on how long you plan to swim the course. While you may be tempted to download a swimmer’s song to your iPod, this is not the best idea. Instead, buy a good swimmer’s earbud headphones.

They are designed to be comfortable and not distracting while you swim. They come in a variety of prices, so you can catch one of the best that will suitable for your budget.

Let’s see how many techniques can be applied to underwater music while you are swimming.

You may try these 3 best methods while listening to music underwater:

1) Water-resistant MP3/ Audio player
2) Apple Wristwatch
3) iPhone/iPod/Android.

Let’s now I am going to tell step by step for to listen to music while swimming using waterproof mp3 players

1. Playing Music with a Waterproof MP3 player

Playing Music with a Waterproof MP3 player

  • Get a waterproof Bluetooth MP3 player.
  • Next, you will need to arrange music on that device.
  • Attach the device with swimming goggles.
  • Take waterproof headphones or earbuds and attach them to the device.
  • Put the earpiece in your ear.
  • Cover it with your clothing to get the perfect fit swimming cap
  • Click the Music button and enjoy your swimming laps.

2. Listen to music while swimming with Apple Wristwatch

Listen to music while swimming with Apple Wristwatch

Apple Watch Series-1 and Apple Watch 1st Generation are splash and water-resistant. It is not recommended to submerge. Apple Watch Series-2 or Newer is allowed to do shallow-water activities such as swimming in a pool, ocean, or lake.

How can you use the apple wristwatch?

The following steps apply to Apple Watch Series-2 or newer.

  • Take off the band that is linked to your watch.
  • Assign the watch to your goggle strap.
  • It can be linked to a Waterproof headset.
  • You can switch the volume and playlist even underwater by pressing the button.

3. iPhone/iPod/Android


  • You must be able to waterproof headphones for swimming.
    • Get it now and pair it with your device.
    • You can either leave your phone in a locker by the pool or give it to family members and friends.
    • You can also use a 100% waterproof case to protect your device.
    • Set the headphones with your goggles.

Waterproof music devices

There are many waterproof music devices available, including MP3 players and iPods. Listening to music while swimming is now easier than ever. It is vital to know the changes between brands. These are the things to look for:

Water protection in its entirety

  • A waterproof rating of IPX7 or greater is a must for any waterproof mp3 player. This will permit to you use the device in water carefully and securely. Waterproof mp3 players are designed with a layer of liquid deflecting material to keep water out of the interior.

What does mean IPX?

What does mean IPX?

If you don’t know this, then below are the main point you should concern about that. IPX stands for Ingress Protection. It states the step of shield that certain devices offer against water.

  1. IPX0: No protection from water or sweat.
  2. IPX1: Can you resist water falling vertically on your headphones?
  3. IPX2: Water cannot be absorbed by headphones if they are placed at an angle of fewer than 15 degrees.
  4. IPX3: Water can be absorbed by the headphones at a 60-degree angle.
  5. IPX4: Can repel water falling vertically on the headphones
  6. IPX5: Resistant against water contact from all directions.
  7. IPX6: Can withstand reliable, low-pressure water jet spray.
  8. IPX7: Can survive for 30 minutes in water less than 1 meter.
  9. IPX8: Can live underwater depths of 1 meter.

Quality Music

Water physics means that waterproof music devices will not produce the same quality as the original.


You will be more comfortable with swimming.  If you listen to music in different settings and at different volumes. Thanks to technological advancements, you can now listen underwater to your favorite songs. You select the device that suits your music favorites and music-listening desires.

You can use an Apple Watch, Waterproof MP3 Player, iPod/Smartphone, etc. But! It is very suitable for you that you can use loudspeakers if you’re having a party with friends in a private area. Swimming with louder songs is more enjoyable

If you follow these best methods, learning how to listen to music while swimming will be a breeze.

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