April 15, 2024

Audio Technica ATH M40x VS M50x | Detailed Discussions

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The Audio Technica ATH M40x VS M50x are two of the best headsets on the market. They’re both high quality, durable, and built to last.

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Both models, m40x vs m50x headphones, have 40mm, drivers, allowing for an excellent frequency range to perfectly reproduce any music.

These are also some of the most comfortable headphones available today because they’re lightweight and designed ergonomically.

Hence, they fit comfortably around your ears without putting too much pressure on them or causing fatigue after long periods of wear.


They also both come with detachable cables, so if your cable gets damaged or worn out, it can easily be replaced without having to buy an entirely new set of headphones.

The earpads on the M50x are also more comfortable than those on the M40X because they’re made from memory foam instead of pleather (plastic leather)

Both headsets, m40x vs m50x for mixing offers the excellent sound quality, but some differences between them might make one better suited to your needs than the other.


Audio Technica

Audio Technica ath m40x is a well-known brand that has been around since the 1960s.


They have a long and rich background in audio technology and are famous for their best excellent products.

The M40x and M50x are two popular models from this company, but which one should you get? Let’s compare them to help you decide.


Technica ATH M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphone

The Technica ATH M40x boasts a comprehensive set of features designed to meet the demands of studio environments. Equipped with 40 mm drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils, these headphones deliver exceptional clarity across the entire frequency range.

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Type: Dynamic
Size: 40 mm
Magnets: Rare earth
Voice Coil: Copper-clad aluminum wire
Frequency Response: 15 Hz – 24 kHz
Impedance: 35 ohms
Weight: 240g (without cable)
Detachable: Yes
Length: Includes two cables – 1.2 m (3.9 ft) to 3.0 m (9.8 ft) coiled cable and a 3.0 m (9.8 ft) straight cable
Connector: Gold-plated stereo 3.5 mm (1/8″) with strain relief


The Technica ATH M40x boasts an impressive array of features that make it a favorite among audio professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Build Quality

Crafted with durable materials, the ATH M40x is built to withstand the rigors of daily studio use. Its sturdy construction ensures longevity, making it a reliable companion for years to come.

Detachable Cables

One standout feature of the ATH M40x is its detachable cables. This not only adds convenience for storage and transport but also allows for easy replacement should the cables become damaged.

Rotatable Ear Cups

The ear cups of the ATH M40x can swivel 90 degrees, providing flexibility for single-ear monitoring. This feature is particularly useful for DJs and audio engineers who need to monitor audio while keeping one ear free.

Collapsible Design

The collapsible design of the ATH M40x makes it highly portable, allowing users to fold it into a compact form for easy storage in bags or cases. This makes it an ideal choice for on-the-go professionals.

Noise Isolation

With excellent noise isolation capabilities, the ATH M40x ensures that external distractions are minimized, allowing users to focus solely on their audio tasks without interference.

Sound Quality Analysis

When it comes to sound quality, the ATH M40x excels on multiple fronts, delivering a pristine audio experience that is second to none.

Frequency Response

The headphones offer a wide frequency response range, ensuring accurate reproduction of both low and high frequencies. This results in a balanced sound profile that is ideal for critical listening and audio production.


With a moderate impedance rating, the ATH M40x can be easily driven by a variety of devices, including smartphones, laptops, and professional audio interfaces. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.


The high sensitivity of the ATH M40x ensures ample volume levels even when paired with low-powered devices. This makes it a practical choice for mobile recording and monitoring scenarios.


The headphones provide a spacious soundstage that allows for precise imaging and separation of instruments. This immersive listening experience is essential for accurate monitoring and mixing tasks.

Accuracy in Monitoring

Thanks to its flat and accurate frequency response, the ATH M40x excels in monitoring applications, allowing users to make informed decisions during the recording, mixing, and mastering process.

Comfort and Design

In addition to its exceptional sound quality, the ATH M40x is designed with user comfort in mind, ensuring long hours of fatigue-free listening.

Earpad Material and Thickness

The headphones feature plush earpads made from high-quality materials, providing a comfortable fit and excellent isolation from external noise. The generous padding ensures minimal pressure on the ears, even during extended use.

Headband Adjustability

The adjustable headband allows users to customize the fit according to their preferences, ensuring a secure and comfortable seal around the ears. This prevents slippage and ensures optimal sound isolation.

Weight Distribution

Despite its robust build quality, the ATH M40x is remarkably lightweight, making it suitable for prolonged use without causing discomfort or strain.

Durability of Materials

The headphones are constructed from premium materials that are designed to withstand the demands of professional use. From the reinforced headband to the sturdy hinges, every component is built to last.





2 Audio Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones


When it comes to professional audio monitoring, the Technica ATH M50x stands out as a top contender in the market. Renowned for its exceptional sound quality, comfort, and durability, this headphone has become a favorite among audio engineers, producers, and music enthusiasts alike.

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Driver: 45mm large-aperture drivers with copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils
Frequency Response: 15 Hz – 28 kHz
Impedance: 38 ohms
Sound Isolation: Closed-back design with plush earpads
Design: Circumaural (over-ear) design for comfort and sound isolation
Comfort: Professional-grade materials for earpads and headband
Detachable Cables: Three detachable cables (1.2m coiled, 3.0m straight, 1.2m straight with smartphone controls)
Collapsible Design: For easy storage and portability

Overview of Features

Sound Isolation

The closed-back design of the ATH M50x provides excellent sound isolation, allowing users to focus on their audio without being disturbed by external noise.

Detachable Cables

One notable feature of the ATH M50x is its detachable cables, offering convenience and flexibility for users who prefer different cable lengths or styles.

Collapsible Design

The headphones’ collapsible design makes them easy to transport and store, ideal for professionals on the go.

Frequency Response

With a wide frequency response range of 15Hz to 28kHz, the ATH M50x delivers accurate and detailed sound reproduction across the entire audio spectrum.


Featuring a low impedance of 38 ohms, these headphones can be easily driven by a variety of devices, including smartphones, laptops, and professional audio equipment.


Equipped with large-aperture 45mm drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils, the ATH M50x delivers exceptional clarity and sonic accuracy.

Sound Quality Analysis

Balanced Sound Profile

The ATH M50x is renowned for its balanced sound signature, providing accurate representation of audio across all frequencies without any significant coloration.

Detail and Clarity

With its precise imaging and detailed resolution, these headphones excel in revealing subtle nuances in music, making them suitable for critical listening and audio production tasks.

Bass Response

Despite their neutral sound signature, the ATH M50x offers punchy and well-controlled bass, adding depth and impact to music genres that rely on low-frequency reproduction.

Highs and Mids

The headphones’ smooth and extended high-frequency response, coupled with clear midrange reproduction, ensures that vocals and instruments are presented with clarity and realism.

Comfort and Design

Earpad Material

The ATH M50x features plush earpads made of professional-grade materials, providing long-lasting comfort during extended listening sessions.

Headband Adjustability

The adjustable headband allows users to customize the fit according to their head size and shape, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for prolonged use.


Constructed with robust materials and reinforced components, the ATH M50x is built to withstand the rigors of professional use, ensuring reliability and longevity.


The collapsible design and swiveling earcups make the ATH M50x highly portable, allowing users to easily transport them between studio sessions or on the go.

Pricing Information

Despite its premium build quality and professional-grade features, the ATH M50x remains competitively priced, offering exceptional value for money compared to other studio monitor headphones in its class.

Comparison with Competitors

Sony MDR-7506

While the Sony MDR-7506 offers similar sound quality and durability, the ATH M50x surpasses it in terms of comfort and design, making it a preferred choice for many users.

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x

The ATH-M40x shares many similarities with the ATH M50x in terms of sound quality and build, but lacks certain features such as detachable cables and swiveling earcups.

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

The Sennheiser HD 280 Pro offers excellent sound isolation and comfort, but falls short in terms of sound quality and portability compared to the ATH M50x.

Comparison Chart Highlighting Key Features

FeatureATH M50xATH M40x
Sound QualityBalanced with pronounced bass, mids, and highsNeutral and accurate sound reproduction
ConnectivityDetachable cables (coiled and straight options)Detachable cables (coiled and straight options)
ComfortPlush ear cushions and adjustable headbandPlush ear cushions and adjustable headband
Design and BuildProfessional and sleek design with swiveling earcupsCompact and portable design
DurabilityRobust construction suitable for daily useRobust construction suitable for daily use



Audio-Technica M40x vs M50x Similarities & Differences

Many factors go into choosing the perfect pair of headphones. 

Particulars may be more significant than others, based on your personal preferences and how you intend to utilize them.

Here we compare two popular models in terms of price tag, design aesthetics (such as color), weight capacity, sound quality across multiple genres/styles of music, including bass-heavy rap songs; jazz; orchestral tracks, etc. 

Comfort levels for extended periods will not fall off or become uncomfortable due to heavy pressure against ears resulting from a tight fit around the headband.


Design and Build – m40x vs m50x

The M40x and M50x are similar in many ways but have not changed much since their introduction.

The most significant difference between the two is that users of the older model recommended several changes to Audio Technica, which were then implemented into these newer models.

The M40x has a great mix of aesthetics, durability, and comfort. And this is why the same design was continued in building the M50x headphones as well.

Sound Quality

ATH M50x Sound Quality

The ATH M50x is celebrated for its outstanding sound performance, characterized by a well-balanced sound profile. With deep bass, clear mids, and crisp highs, these headphones deliver an immersive audio experience suitable for various genres, from rock to classical.

ATH M40x Sound Quality

While the ATH M40x shares a similar sonic signature with its counterpart, it offers a slightly flatter sound profile. This makes it ideal for studio monitoring and critical listening, where accuracy and neutrality are paramount.


Both the ATH M50x and ATH M40x feature detachable cables, providing versatility in connectivity options. Whether you prefer a coiled or straight cable, these headphones offer convenience for different usage scenarios.


Comfort is crucial, especially during extended listening sessions or studio sessions. The ATH M50x and ATH M40x come equipped with plush ear cushions and an adjustable headband, ensuring a comfortable fit for prolonged wear.

Design and Build

In terms of design, both models sport a professional and sleek aesthetic, typical of Audio-Technica’s signature style. The ATH M50x features swiveling earcups for easy one-ear monitoring, while the ATH M40x offers a more compact and portable design.


Durability is essential for headphones intended for professional use. Fortunately, both the ATH M50x and ATH M40x boast robust construction, with sturdy materials that can withstand daily wear and tear in various environments.

Comparison and Conclusion

In summary, the choice between the ATH M50x and ATH M40x ultimately boils down to your specific preferences and requirements. If you prioritize versatility and a slightly warmer sound profile, the ATH M50x may be the better option. On the other hand, if you seek accuracy and neutrality for critical listening and studio monitoring, the ATH M40x shines in this aspect.



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