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Audio Technica ATH m40x vs m50x | detailed discussions



The Audio Technica M40x vs M50x are two of the best headsets on the market. They’re both high quality, durable, and built to last.

If you want to get your hands on one of these amazing headsets that will give you an incredible audio experience every time you use them, then click this ad right now!

Both models, m40x vs m50x headphones, have 40mm, drivers, allowing for an excellent frequency range to perfectly reproduce any music.

These are also some of the most comfortable headphones available today because they’re lightweight and designed ergonomically.

Hence, they fit comfortably around your ears without putting too much pressure on them or causing fatigue after long periods of wear.

They also both come with detachable cables, so if your cable gets damaged or worn out, it can easily be replaced without having to buy an entirely new set of headphones.

The earpads on the M50x are also more comfortable than those on the M40X because they’re made from memory foam instead of pleather (plastic leather)

Both headsets, m40x vs m50x for mixing offers the excellent sound quality, but some differences between them might make one better suited to your needs than the other.

 For example, it has a more minor driver than m50x at 45mm instead of 50mm, which might make you think that m50x will sound better, but bigger is not better for drivers because they can’t reproduce as much detail with larger diaphragms.

 Another difference is the ear cups; m40x only offers a closed-back design while m50x also offers an open back design, so if noise isolation isn’t important, then go with open-backed headphones like these here!

Finally, let’s talk about price; both models come in at $150 or less depending on where you buy them from; however, we found this deal on Amazon right now.


Audio Technica

Audio Technica ath m40x is a well-known brand that has been around since the 1960s.

They have a long and rich background in audio technology and are famous for their best excellent products.

The M40x and M50x are two popular models from this company, but which one should you get? Let’s compare them to help you decide.

My Recommendation

The M50x headphones are a great choice if you’re looking for something to listen to every day. They add some fun and color to the song, which is ideal.

On both sides of each headphone are steel accents which give it more robustness and look slightly better.


1 Technica ATH M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphone



These Audio Technica m40x are the most powerful headsets available for their value.

They’re engineered to deliver exceptional clarity and detail, with the accurate bass response and superior sound isolation with better sound signature.

You can even monitor one ear at a time by swiveling the earcups up to 90 degrees!

These ath-m40x headphones have been designed for comfort during long sessions, too – so you can keep listening even as your playlist rolls on.

And because they’re built tough, these cans will stand up to years of use in demanding environments like recording studios or DJ booths.



2 Audio Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones


If you’re watching to purchase an updated pair of headphones, I’ve got the perfect headsets for you.

They have been acclaimed by the experts in audio engineering and pros audio commentators and clients who love them!

With outstanding clarity across an extended frequency range and exact bass response. The headphones will provide an experience that is like no other.

Specification : m40x vs m50x

Audio Technica M50x                   Audio Technica M40x

  • Type:                                     Over-ear                                            Over-ear 
  • Weight:                                 285 g                                                  240 g
  • Enclosure:                           closed-back                                     closed back
  • Driver Size:                           45 mm Neodynium                        40 mm Neodynium
  • Frequency Response:        15,000 to 28,000 Hz                      15,000 to 24,000 Hz
  • Transducer:                         Dynamic                                            Dynamic
  • Sensitivity:                           99 dB                                                 98 dB
  • lower Impedance:                   38 Ohms                                           35 Ohms
  • Wireless:                              NO                                                      NO
  • Noise Canceling:                 NO                                                      NO
  • Mic:                                       NO                                                      NO
  • Call/Music Controls:          NO                                                      NO
  • Volume Controls:               NO                                                      NO
  • Case Type:                           Pouch                                                Pouch
  • Bluetooth:                            NONE                                                 NONE
  • Wired Connection:            Analog                                               Analog
  • Detachable cable:                YES                                                     YES
  • Connection:                         3.5 mm TRS                                      3.5 mm TRS
  • Length:                                10 ft                                                   10.1 ft
  • Analog Audio Latency:      0 ms                                                   0 ms



Audio-Technica M40x vs M50x Similarities & Differences

Many factors go into choosing the perfect pair of headphones. 

Particulars may be more significant than others, based on your personal preferences and how you intend to utilize them.

Here we compare two popular models in terms of price tag, design aesthetics (such as color), weight capacity, sound quality across multiple genres/styles of music, including bass-heavy rap songs; jazz; orchestral tracks, etc. 

Comfort levels for extended periods will not fall off or become uncomfortable due to heavy pressure against ears resulting from a tight fit around the headband.


Design and Build – m40x vs m50x

The M40x and M50x are similar in many ways but have not changed much since their introduction.

The most significant difference between the two is that users of the older model recommended several changes to Audio Technica, which were then implemented into these newer models.

The M40x has a great mix of aesthetics, durability, and comfort. And this is why the same design was continued in building the M50x headphones as well.

If you put both ear headphones in the same room, they appear very alike. But that doesn’t mean their design and build are also interchangeable.

Let’s discover what makes these two brands apart in terms of design and construction!

The use of such high-quality materials ensures that these headphones feel solid, robust and neutral sound without compromising comfort or weight; they’ll last a few years, if not more!

The ear cup on both better headphones is padded with plush material to ensure that you can hear your favorite music for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

The light padding allows enough airflow, so the listener doesn’t start sweating after too long.

The headband is super comfy. The padding on it makes me feel nice and cozy, but doesn’t slip around or anything, which I appreciate since my more giant headphones are heavy enough that they tend to slide off of my smaller-sized noggin after a while! 

It also fits most heads well with the adjustable metal parts covered in foam pads for comfort too.

The best part, though, has got to be how luxurious this hairband looks- not only can you see the company’s logo/name clearly through the clear plastic covers over them (which make adjusting easy peasy!), but these things look like something straight out of James Bond movies by making any outfit instantly classy as heck!

 Both have steel extenders below where you plug in your headphones, adding to their durability and robustness.

One more differentiating factor between these two headphones will be slightly larger rings surrounding each of the outer edges of your ears. 

On closer inspection, this may seem like a small detail and only adds marginally to one’s understanding of how they differ from their predecessors; however, with its barely noticeable additions comes appreciation at how much care went into crafting them in the first place.

The ear cups on M50x swivel 180 degrees, unlike the 90-degree rotation of the ones in M40X.

This means that they are more flexible and can give you a comfortable fit regardless of your ears’ shape or size. 

They will also not hug them tightly as other headphones do, so it’ll be super comfy to wear for long periods!

The M50x comes with a suitable cable length. It has three cables. One is coiled, while the remaining two are straight.

The straight ones come in varying lengths- 1.2 meters or 3 meters for you to choose from accordingly depending on your preference!

The difference between the M40x and other headphones is that it comes with two cables, one straight and another coiled.

Although these straight cable cables are incredibly long, they make it difficult to manage the cords as you might need considerable space for storage purposes.

 We were surprised why Audio Technica decided on such lengthy wires because there is no point in having them so long when we can easily fit them in our pocket or backpack without issue due to their short length rather than needing an extra bag just for storing your headphone’s cord!


 Sound Quality  – m40x vs m50x gaming headset

The M40x provides a very relaxing audio experience that draws out the details of different music genres. 

The audio output of the M40x is as if it was not being carved. This means that you feel like you are hearing how a song was originally recorded.

This also makes them perfect for those who do sound editing often because they can listen to exactly what goes into making songs rather than having music altered to make it appeal better or more enjoyable.

It is not always that a headphone manufacturer gets the balance in audio just right. Most devices have an overblown bass, which can ruin other aspects of sound and music in general.

 Luckily for us, the M40x from Audio-Technica has managed to create a balanced set of sounds, so you get what’s truly important: a quality listening experience with every use!

Despite their similarities, the M50x is superior to its predecessor. If you’re thinking of buying both models and comparing them side-by-side, it’s best if you go with the newer model instead.

Whereas m50x in sound quality 

The M50x is an entirely different audio beast, but it does not overpower your experience. You can feel the lower tones which are due to its more significant drivers. 

Not as neutral as the M40x, this headphone remains relatively balanced with a slight bass boost for added thump and low-end performance without overpowering other frequencies or sound stages that may be used by instruments requiring more high-frequency detail like cymbals.

The sound of the M40x vs M50x is balanced, but there are subtle differences in their overall tones. The bass on both headphones seems slightly more pronounced than with past models from these brands; however, this does not take away from its excellent audio quality. 

The M40x is a great headphone that offers an in-depth audio experience if you’re into podcasts and voice recordings. However, if we’re talking about listening to music on your morning commute or taking these headphones with you while traveling around Europe for three weeks like me (ahem), I’d say go ahead and opt for the more expensive but equally excellent M50X instead.

These headphones are the best of both worlds, offering exceptional sound quality. 



The M40x and the M50X have long cables, which can be a good thing when you’re making your music at home.

 However, it makes them harder to manage in certain situations, like while working with your laptop or out of range from other devices. 

Both headphones are compatible with any device with an audio jack, so they work well for connecting to PCs and older smartphones and game consoles alike.

The only downside to these headphones is the fact that they are made using Audio-Technica cables.

If you ever need to replace them, it won’t be possible with generic headphone wires; instead, you’ll have to purchase new ones directly from the manufacturers themselves. 

Of course, ruining your own set of cords can happen on rare occasions, but if emergencies arise and you find yourself in a situation where replacement cords are required immediately well then good luck getting some without first purchasing brand new earphones (i.e., whose wire quality has already been compromised).


The Audio Technica M40x vs M50x headphones offer comfort to the max. Once you put them on, it will feel like they’re not even there!

You can wear these for hours without discomfort or pain because of their lightweight construction which makes perfect sense when designing over-ear headphones.

My favourite part of the headphones was how they were more comfortable because there wasn’t any fabric padding and with a long coiled cable. 

New headphones may feel tight around your head. This is normal as it will relax after a few uses and should no longer be noticeable.

The M40x and M50x have similarly designed body that consists of durable material, but it doesn’t affect comfortability when you use them for an extended time.



The M40x and M50x headphones are durable, well-built products. The materials used in the manufacturing of both types will last years if handled correctly.

They are mid-range headphones that are likely to wear them for hours at one time.

Whether it is listening to your favourite tunes or sound editing, the durability of these headsets matters; otherwise, they may break within months after purchase.

These headphones are made to last with durable materials such as aluminum headband and heavy duty plastic that can take a beating without breaking.

The M40x and M50x headphones both provide excellent sound quality, as well as durability also come within the lower frequency and less background noise.

Both products are worth the price tag they come with and will last you a long time!


When determining which headphones to buy, you must consider cost as a factor. If this review leads you here, then I would guess that price isn’t the only concern for your purchase, and instead of looking at the cheapest options, we should look at those with value propositions in line with what they offer during their asking prices.

When it comes to the M40x vs M50X, there is not much of a difference between these two headphones.

As per our testing and opinion, this difference does not make up for its higher cost than the 40s version, so we would recommend going for that instead if you can’t decide on either pair or want something cheaper but still good sounding!

The price might be lower for some people, making sense since they are precisely alike in every way except the sound quality and comfortability.

Although M50x has better sound quality, I would recommend you to buy M40x.

 The ATH-M40x is the best choice for sound quality. These headphones are priced affordably, making them a fantastic value.



Pros and Cons of M40x 




Pros and cons of — audio technica ath m50x





The Best Audio Technica Comparisons Headphone

Comparing the M40x vs M50x, there is no clear winner. Both have similar designs and qualities; they even belong to the same series!

However, despite their similarities in design and build and audio quality performance, they do not sound exactly alike:

The ear cups on these headphones are slightly different from one another, which could explain why every music listener has a distinct preference for either of them.

These two excellent headsets are both reasonably priced, and they offer similar features. 

We compare it to the much older sibling of this model – the m40x headphones, which is significantly more affordable than what you will get for your money by buying into Sennheiser’s latest offering.

If you’re looking for the finest audio and sound quality, it’s worth the extra money on the M50X b/c these are somehow better headphone as compare to m40x.

However, if you don’t mind sacrificing some sound fidelity for critical listening to save money and gain an additional feature (added bass), I would recommend M40x over its more expensive counterpart.

The Perfect Headphone for You

If you are looking for the best headphone in this price range, then there is a reason why Audio Technica’s M40x and M50x might be your pick.

While some may consider it expensive, these headphones offer excellent sound quality, making them worth their money.

It packs added bass, bringing a new dimension to your listening experience that you can use for both music and other applications such as editing podcasts or even recording songs yourself. 

If you own a pair of M40x and are looking to upgrade, we don’t recommend it.

The cost doesn’t justify the slight improvement in sound quality unless there is a significant discount offered by Amazon or other online retailers that sell this product.

If you want a quality headphone perfect for your limited budget, then the Audio Technica M40x won’t disappoint.

Even if you’re upgrading from an older and cheaper pair of headphones, like those made by another brand, it’ll be easy to hear the difference with this one.


Final Thoughts

I know that you can never go wrong when choosing Audio Technical headphones for your needs.

That’s why we offer the best sound quality, features, comfort, and durability at a price range of $200 or less with both our M40x and M50x models!  

If you’re looking to upgrade your current device but aren’t sure which one will suit your needs better, give us a call today to help answer any questions about what each model has to offer.

Sometimes, choosing a midrange device can be challenging. The cost might not justify premium features and components; it could also end up on the lower end of the spectrum to sacrifice performance. 

The M40x and the M50x bring you to a sweet spot, satisfying both your needs for casual listening to music or podcasts as well as sound editing.

These headphones will not only break the bank but also offer the quality of build and sound we all love.

If you want to learn more about my favorite headphones and products, check out this list of the 20 best Amazon Headphones. 

This includes the top Akg headsets and Best Sennheiser headphones such as best headphones for watching movies, best lightweight headphones, amazon best sellers headphones, Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Running and Gym Workouts, and so on!



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