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open back headphones vs closed back headphones – which one is best



Are you still confused about open back vs closed back headphones for which one is best for purchasing? Then you are here at the right place.

This article will give you information about why open back headphones are better than closed back headphones.

Find out which type is best for you and why. Open back headphones are required by many audio enthusiasts, while others prefer closed back headphones. Which is going to be the best headphone for you? 

The main difference is that closed headphones block external sound, unlike open headphones.

There are other differences between these two types of headphones, but this is the most obvious one. All of these sound different, but which is the best for you? 


what are Open Back Headphones?

open back vs closed back headphones


If you’re looking for a pair of headphones to use in a boisterous environment (and most headphones are pretty useless in such an environment), then open back headphone are the ones you’d want

Open back headphones are usually designed with less powerful drivers, so you can comfortably listen to your music at lower volumes but are also generally lighter and less bulky.

 It is one thing to listen to your favorite song and another something to enjoy it. It is not just about the lyrics and the beat but also about how it feels.

Open back headphones have a diaphragm that is free to move in and out of the earcups without being blocked by the edges of the cups. Open back designs are also often cheaper than closed back designs.



What are Closed back headphones 


open back vs closed back headphones


They are generally heavier and bulkier than open back headphones because they are usually more powerful audio drivers. Still, they can be a more comfortable and practical option for prolonged listening. 

They are commonly used by producers of electronic, classical, and country music to isolate the sound from outside sounds. 

Closed back headphones will have an open back which will allow you to hear what is going on around you, but you need to remove the ear pads first.

Closed back headphone can offer an outstanding level of bass response and a clear and undistorted sound. 

A closed headphone are generally more expensive, while an open back pair of headphones can be less expensive to some extent, depending on where you shop. Both types of headphones have their advantages, but there is also a trade-off.

They are usually used to listening to music, watching videos, and reading on their computers and phones. They are great to wear all day without a problem because they are very light.





The significant advantage of open back headphones vs closed headphones

There are many headphones, but most fall into two categories: open back and closed back. Open back headphones have a few significant advantages over closed-back headphones, including design, better sound quality, more comfort, and less noise isolation.


The open back design is trendy among music and sporting fans as it lets you enjoy the music or sport without any worries about the environment.

It allows you to enjoy the music while on the move, so it’s the best choice for those who want to enjoy the music or sport without worrying about the environment.

It is generally felt that the open back headphone design is the more expensive model, but there are several different models to choose from, and even with the more expensive models, you can still find a cheaper one. 

However, a closed back design will be louder than an open back, as well as have more bass.

This is because there is no open space for the air to circulate in the headphone, which means the sound waves have to travel the whole length of the headphone before they reach the ear and is more compressed and amplified.


Style:  open back vs closed back headphones


 For those who want to enjoy the music on the go, the open back style is the best choice, as they have an excellent sound quality and are the only style that lets you enjoy the music on the go.

These headphones are available in different sizes, from small to large and the cheapest to the most expensive.

They are not as popular as the closed back model, but they are better when you’re on the go, as they are the only style that doesn’t leak any sound, which is very important.

The closed back headphones leak noise into the environment, which is a problem when you’re on the move.


Better Sound quality 

Closed back headphones are a very popular type of headphones today. The closed back design is a more advanced technology and the most preferred headphones because they provide better sound quality as compared to open headphone.

This is a very serious disadvantage that closed back headphones have over open-back models. This design is called occluded, and it makes the headphones very ineffective. 

The sound is muffled and becomes difficult to distinguish from background noise. If you want to have a good sound quality and block out external noise, make sure that you choose a model with an open back design.

In simple words, open-back headphones allow sound to escape from the ear cup, whereas closed back headphones do not let any sound escape from them.

Open back design have a more natural and spacious sound as compared to closed back headphones. 


Less noise isolation 

Open back headphones are better for blocking outside noise because noise is more likely to enter your ear through an open design.

The noise is less likely to be blocked by your head because it will likely come in through an open back. Closed back headphones are better for stopping inside noise.

Closed headphones are better for blocking inside noise as it is more likely to come in through closed design.

Noise isolation is the most important benefit of having a closed back on your headphones. If you wish to listen to the quiet sounds around you, a closed back will be the best option.

A closed back on your headphones will work best if you listen to music, watch movies, or play games with friends and family. 

An open back has the benefit of allowing you to hear sounds that are outside, but it also allows outside sound to enter your ear through the headphone.



Best Suited For You? – Open back vs closed back headphones 


Open back headphones are the best fit for  

  • best for home listening
  • hi-res audio
  • podcasting

Closed back headphones are the best fit 

  • Very good at Commuting
  • Best for Recording audio
  • Best for open sound



Best used for: open back vs closed back headphones 

Open back headphones for outdoor activities, where the wind is prevalent

. Unfortunately, the open-back design is prone to wear and tear, meaning that the headphones begin to lose their quality over time. 

Closed-back headphones, on the other hand, are much more durable and less likely to lose their quality over time. They also provide a more secure fit since no open areas are present between the earcups. 

Listening at home 

When you’re at home, use much more comfy headphones when you’re not listening to music.

If you prefer open-backs, use Shure SRH1840s once you’re alone or with someone that doesn’t mind having to hear some background noise outdoors.

If you like closed-backs, use Shure SRH940 headphones when you’re listening to music, and when you’re at home, wear headphones that are more comfortable than what you use when you’re exercising. 

When you’re working, use headphones that are more comfortable than the headphones you use when home.


Listening to public places

The JBL Lifestyle Live 400BT on ear headphones are a great pair of headphones that can be worn for long periods of time. In terms of comfort, these headphones are a big step up from the Sony WH-1000XM3.

The noise isolation of these headphones is also much better than the Sony headphones. 


Best for airplane

A good travel companion for a long flight is to invest in a quality pair of on-ear headphones. While most airlines do not require such accessories for takeoff and landing, there are times when you may need some privacy. At the same time, there are so many other things competing for your attention

. While some headphones are better than others, we have found that the JBL Lifestyle Live 400BT to be a comfortable and cost-effective option for long flights.


Best for live steaming 

Closed-back headphones are ideal if you’re streaming with noisy roommates or need to be laser-focused.

Here are the some best headphones for streaming


Some Best recommendation

There are numerous models to choose from, depending on your requirements or preferences. 

For the price of a pair of cheap headphones, you can get a pair that offers better bass and sound quality.

 Many of these headphones will have much more of a bass response than other headphones for the same price.


Closed-back headphones:

Open back headphones:



As we’ve seen, there are many benefits and drawbacks to each type of open back vs closed back headphone.

Closed back headphones generally provide better noise isolation and seal out more noise, but they can also be more bulky and uncomfortable. 

Open back headphones tend to sound better and provide a more spacious soundstage, but they may leak sound and let in more noise. You should try both types of headphones and see what you like best. 

If you’re a more casual listener, and you want to enjoy your music without getting distracted by it, then closed back headphones are the way to go. 

This type of headphone is designed to block out as much external noise as possible, so you can really immerse yourself in your music. 

If you’re a more active listener, on the other hand, open back headphones might be better suited to your needs.

When it comes to performance, open back model can sometimes outperform closed back models.


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