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Types of headphones explained | that you should Know one by one


Do you wonder which types of headphones is best for your needs?

Nowadays, there are many best types of headphones industry in the market. So that is why a new music lover, gamer, vlogger, or student are a bit confused to choose what kind of headphone to select which is best for his purpose.

So here’s is a fast and simple reply. Many headphones are working in the market, and no matter how much they cost, they all have pros and cons.

 It is important to determine the purpose of your buying before picking the best headphones for you.


For example, if your mind is already agreed, you can search for the best headphones for sleeping, or best headphones for watching movies, or the best headphones for video editing

It will be much easier to select the right type b/c your mind is agreed on these types of headphones.

Before you buy a headphone, find what you need and then choose the best types of headphones who’s fit for you.

In this post, I’ll share the best types of headphones and help you select and choose one best headphone that is better for you.

What Are Headphones? and types of headphones

What are headphones

According to Techopedia, headphones are “small speakers that can be used to listen to sounds from computers, music players, or other electronic devices.”

These devices allow you to listen to your favorite music, podcasts, audiobooks, videos, and much more.

Today, headphones are more advanced, and some don’t even require wires to function. They’re worn by just about everyone.


What are people using headphones for?

Headphones are used for moveable listening, whether for cycling, voice-over, shower, or testing out a new podcast. You will possibly put on a pair for any of the subsequent.


What Are the Best Headphone Products?


These are the top-selling headphone brands today:

  1. Sony
  2. Sennheiser
  3. AKG
  4. Audio Technica
  5. Apple
  6. Panasonic
  7. Philips
  8. V-MODA
  9. Shure


How to choose the best types of headphones ?


Sound quality

Sound quality is your first feature when you buy the best headphone. Headphones that produce crisp, clear sound at 60% volume and emit little echo or static should be on your list.



When you purchase headphones, you also check the price on your 2nd list. You work very hard for your money, and not just spend it casually. Match the prices of your favorite products and styles to find the correct pair for you.



Your headphones should be compatible with your phone and media device

Later, most of us listen to music or stream podcasts directly from our phones. If your device doesn’t work with the pair, there is no reason to purchase it.



Your headphones should be portable and easy to carry around. You should look for lightweight headphones that can be folded closed or come with a case.


Good reviews

Your opinion is the most important thing in choosing the best headphones. Before you make a purchase, check out reviews on review sites to see what others think.


What are the most common types of headphones ?

There are many types of headphones just like with any other portion of expertise

  1. Over-ear headphone
  2. on-ear headphone
  3. in-ear headphone
  4. bone conduction headphone
  5. noise-canceling headphone
  6. Bluetooth headphones
  7. open-back headphones
  8. close back headphones
  9. wireless earbuds
  10. wired earbuds
  11.          waterproof headphones
  12.           behind the neck headphones


1) Over-Ear headphone


types-of headphones

In my list over-ear headphone is one the first. It is one of the best headphones, and it can go over and around your ears. And it wraps your ears strongly. Because of this unique feature, they come with enhanced deep-toned responses and a big sound state.

The only difference between the on-ear and over-ear headphones is that they are more comfortable to wear than the headphones that wrap around the ears. Both types have the same features. These are also available with the headband at similar prices.

If you want to listen to music for longer periods, this headphone is the best choice. However, they do have their drawbacks. They can make your ears sweaty. You may also feel uncomfortable if the padding is not right.

Over-ear headphones are heavier than other headphones and may cause tiredness on your hear and ears when you wear them for a long period, mostly in the studio or working at the gym or studying on the internet.

In terms of quality, over-ear headphones give better sound isolation as well as better sound quality. As compared to in-ear headphones.


Over-ear headphones are appropriate for

 A brilliant choice for air traveling, internet communication, and office calls. Since they offer good sound isolation. And generally, they are very most comfortable.

If you work better with it, used it for music studio and DJ sounds who want their combinations to have a natural and accurate sound


 2) On-ear headphones


In my 2nd list of on-ear headphones. These headphones are also known as supra-aural. These headphones are specially made to cover all of the ears.  They are also larger than standard earbuds.

They are very similar and more compact than the over-ear headphones. The only difference is that the star on the ear is compared to over-ear headphones surrounded by the ear.

On-ear headphones come in various qualities; they are more likely to deliver advanced quality and comfort than over-ear headphones.

They also come in very similar features as well as similar prices or maybe some low.

They are also lightweight less than as compared to the over-the-ear model, which means that they put less pressure on your head.

These are a great choice for public use when there is too much noise. They are, however, a little bulky. They can also be uncomfortable after prolonged use.


On-ear, headphone is the best use for

The on-ear headphone is the best fir to working out and sports. They’re most constant and lighter than over-ear headphones. So they don’t feel as obvious on your head during working exercise or at the gym


3) In-ear headphones



Next on my list is in-ear headphones. It is also called cancel phone or in-ear monitors.

The reason why they have these names is that their tips are inserted into the ears.

They can channel sounds directly to your eardrums. You can hear the sound.

It is one of the fastest-rising styles in the headphone industry due to its comfort of use. If you aren’t home, professional studio or voice-over artist or runner.

AS technology permits for advanced sound quality from minor devices, these headphones have been able to rapidly improve to beat with the on-ear and over-ear headphones.


4) bone conduction headphone



This is the latest generation of headphones that are very popular in nowadays. 

Bone conducting technology to carry sound via your cheekbones. It bypasses the outer ear. The best famous brand is Aftershocks.

The main modification between headphones and bone conduction headphones? Do bone conduction headphones use your bones, especially the bones in your brain, to conduct sounds through the headphones?

According to the research study of some people, the sound quality delivered by bone conduction headphones isn’t good as the sound quality you get from over-ear headphones or in-ear headphones.

So you must try bone conduction headphones for yourself and check it’s sound quality because many people’s impression the audio they carry is fairly acceptable.


Bone conduction Headphones is best used for

If you dislike the sense of something covering your ears, these are the top solution.

They’re brilliant for consciousness when you’re jogging out-of-doors.


5) Noise-canceling headphone


These headphones can block out surrounding noises by recording them, inverting their point, and then transfer them back to you. Both sounds will cancel out before getting your ears.

Other headphones need us to place all the source components into our ears. This one, however, uses your bones. They attach to your skull and convey vibrations to your ears.

The sound Quality is not great. However, it’s still quite satisfactory. This headphone is also famous for its use and many people use it as a workout headset.


Noise-canceling headphones are best used for?

They’re appropriate for normal travelers and flyers, as well as people who work or live in a noisy atmosphere.


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6) Bluetooth headphones


Bluetooth headphones are known as Bluetooth wireless headphones that connect to the sound through Bluetooth rather than a wire. Bluetooth headphone is the mixture of many headphones.

Bluetooth headphones work over a Bluetooth connection, so there is no wired required for the connection because of being wireless.

Bluetooth wireless headphones are more suitable as compared to wired headphones.

Bluetooth technology allows you to link devices through wireless using radio wavers. Yet, they have their channel to link through a certain amount of frequencies.

The downside to the headphone is their week signal. The headphone may not be close enough to the source device. It is possible to not receive any audio output or sound at all, or you might experience a poor sound quality.

If many Bluetooth headphones are being used around you, you might experience an interruption in your connection.


7) Open back headphones


Open-back headphones are the reverse of closed-back headphones. They are a favorite type of headphones for audiophiles due to their natural sound.

Although they aren’t very good at sound isolation, open-back headphones offer better sound quality and permit ambient noise to be heard.

This has the drawback that you can’t only hear the ambient sound the sound mixer is trying to create but also the noise in the surrounding room.

Open-back headphones are preferred by many audiophiles, even though they don’t have to mix or master in a professional studio.

 They provide a flat, true sound that allows them to hear the exact message the artist intended.


8) Close back headphones



The closed-back headphone is those which come with a closed back.  These headphones are the opposite of open-back headphones.

These headphones are hard-shelled or enclose.

These headphones were made to be listened to in one direction, into your ears.

It directly reaches your ear. Even this is one of the main reasons why the closed-back headphone doesn’t sound natural.

The good point of closed-back headphones is that they do block outside noise. That’s why it doesn’t reach your ear. So that’s the reason you can hear the sound better and clear in your ear.

Closed-back headphones are available in two styles: the larger, over-ear style that covers the entire ear and the smaller, on-ear style that rests slightly on the top of the ears.

They are bulkier than other headphones and can be worn over the head. However, for anyone who doesn’t mind their size, this pair of headphones will provide excellent sound quality in a wide variety of applications for almost any headphone user.


9) Wireless earbuds



Wireless Earbuds can be termed as small headphones that are injected into your ears. Bluetooth-powered earbuds can be found in most cases.

They are used mostly for audio output. Because they are small, it takes up less space. They are very popular with music lovers. Because they can take it with them everywhere.

They should not be shared with anyone, just like in-ear headphones. It can spread viruses and other harmful things if you share your earbuds.

They can cause hurt to your ears if you keep them on for longer periods. Be alert how long you keep them on your ears.

Wireless Earbuds are portable, easy, and compact. However, they lack true isolation because of their small size. You can find various models, with some offering more advanced technology, but the main benefit to earbuds is their size.

Earbuds are typically one-size-fits-all, which can create them painful for some ear shapes. However, you may be able to switch out the ear tips and correct your size.


10) Wired earbuds



Wired headphones are headphones that which rely on wires to transfer audio signals. They’re still popular among other headphones but less common among the general public due to their inconvenience.

Wired earbuds can be a great choice because they are fairly affordable, lightweight, and organically designed. If you purchase the right-sized earbuds with multi-size ear tips, you will also find earbuds that fit perfectly within your ear canals.

In a pinch, wired earbuds can also be very handy. You can listen to your favorite audio device immediately by plugging them in.


11) Waterproof headphones



Waterproof headphones are great for swimmers. Some headphones can’t withstand water. You need to get a pair that is waterproof if you plan to submerge the headphones in water.

Waterproof headphones can be somewhat cheating. Although they do make headphones precisely submerge underwater up to a point without them breaking so, you can get caught in the rain.


12) Behind the neck headphones




Behind-the-neck headphones are my favorite because they come in both wired and wireless versions. It’s always great to have choices.

These headphones can be worn around the neck or over your ears, so they don’t have to be on your head.

These headphones are popular with women because they don’t have to be placed on top of their heads.

. These headphones are also popular with men, making them a great option to fix messy hair.

If you intend to use wireless headphones behind your neck, ensure that Bluetooth connectivity is good.

When you want to listen to your favorite audiobooks or talk radio stations, dealing with connectivity issues can be frustrating.



So finally, I am discussing with 12 types of headphones that headphones are best and people nowadays who can find a good pair of headphones.

Before you go out to buy headphones, take some time to think about what headphones you prefer. Perhaps you want some sound isolation to go in your ear can

You need to be open-minded when it comes to different types of headphones. You will never know what you might get unless you take the time to read about all of the different headphone options available right now.

The right headphones will make your day go smoothly, from daily commutes to music production and workout sessions.

How are you enjoying your current headphones? Which headphones are you most fondly fond of?  And tell us which types of headphones are best for your choices.


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Which Type of headphones is best?

There are many types of headphones. It’s best to concentrate on one type. Open-back headphones are the best choice if you intend to use headphones at home.

How many types of headphones

there are main 3 categories in headphones.
over-ear headphones
On-ear headphones
In-ear headphones

Now further these 3 main categories are divided into many types of headphones

Over-ear headphone
on-ear headphone
in-ear headphone
bone conduction headphone
noise-canceling headphone
Bluetooth headphones
open-back headphones
close back headphones
wireless earbuds
wired earbuds
waterproof headphones
behind the neck headphones

What are the most popular headphones brand

Audio Technica

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